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Evening In La Plancha Beach ~ 365 Photos Challenge #49

In accordance with the schedule agreed last year, for matters of work, this morning I have arrived in Bali. The schedule was pretty tight for some meetings and surveys in some places but as per my request, all today’s work affairs have been completed before dusk.

Everything that was exhausting, though challenging enough, has taken my time and attention (though I have stolen bit opportunity to visit Virili several times, hehe…), but it is also fun.

After that, accompanied by one of my clients and his friend, we closed the afternoon by enjoying the sunset at La Planca Beach – Seminyak.

There are still enough tourists to relax in this beautiful and fun place.

In a casual conversation with my client about sunset, I asked one question I had posted earlier in Virily as writing with my painting, “Why is the sun called drowning, even though it is not drowning? and therefore, what is the meaning of fact? “.

Hey guys, if you would like to join in and challenge yourself to a photo a day, here are the rules and guidelines.


What do you think?

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  1. A drowning sun? Never heard that phrase. But when I look and watch the sun, what it communicates is energy, hope and promise. Too much light especially at sunrise may temporarily blind but never drown. And come to think of it, I never felt drown by nature — only misery gives that kind of feeling. And, fact? Fact is your presumption of what you know to be true ? but things and life are not what it seems

    • As we all say the sun rises in the morning (as a fact), in the Indonesian language there is one phrase for sunset, sun “set, go down, drown or disappear”. Is it true that the sun is down? or drowning and whether the sun is rising. What actually happens is the part of the hemisphere where we are, have turned its back to the sun or vice versa facing the sun. A word or phrase in a language that emerges from an understanding has become a common fact. Is that really a fact?

      • No. Even if that “fact” is hold and believe by the whole world, it will not be a fact in the truest sense. We cannot even know our own person! How? When we cannot even see the back of our own head? So no fact is a real fact but I do not know that for certain either haha I am just fencing words with you

    • To surrender to the Divine, of course! stop seeking also, because we do not lose anything! We just need to understand and be aware. It’s just that there’s something we need to keep in mind that we’re moving on in life that brings us together and contacts with other humans, with everything that goes with it, including language and beliefs.