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The first day of snow in the winter.

Waaa .. it should be filmed! My little boy, woke up in the morning and ran out to the window when he heard I...

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Colored lights near the sun on the right

Yesterday, we walked 76 km from our house to our boy's request. He asked us to go to Jumbo, a hypermarket dedicated to the...

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Do you want to see a place of fairy tales?

There really is. One of them is in Romania. The Castle of Lut in the Zânelor Valley. Located just 40 kilometers from Sibiu, this...

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Sphinx and Babele, the mouth of heaven of Romania

Tens of thousands of tourists cross the heights to see the "stars" of the Bucegi, the Sphinx and Babels, considered true anthropomorphic megaliths. Formally...

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Walk in Crang – Central Park in My Town Buzau. (ROU)

In another article I show you a picture of my husband and my little boy, walking in Crang Park, the central park in my...

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