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Bunch Of Bananas ~ 365 Photos Challenge #13

Bananas, just a bunch of bananas! Waiting for the time until it’s ripe to be picked. Do you believe that the tree of this fruit can cause be a big problem in my neighborhood?

In my area, and in West Java in general, the traditional community marks the location of their property with a living milestone, aka a tree. Yes, a tree. If the overlay changes because it is sold or shared as an inheritance, new pegs are plugged in; New trees are planted in every corner, depending on the shape and size of the property.

In some cases, there are parties who deliberately misbehave by planting banana trees as borders. You know, in a few moments, that the limit has shifted and the banana grower takes advantage by claiming the boundary of the land is the outermost banana tree from the tree collection. Then, the dispute and the commotion ensued. So also with the tree from this banana before. Before this area was finally abandoned.

In this life, there are always people with such fraudulent intentions. May we always be wary of such things, even more so if such manipulative claim involves the sensation of romance. Ughhh…

Anyone can join in on this fun photo challenge which was started by John artbytes26Β . Just please be sure to check out Art’s rules and guidelines for the challenge in this post 365 Photos Challenge.


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  1. Well, but banana is not a tree and therefore should not qualify as marker hahaha! I always wonder about the trait of greed in humans…people kill each other for the sake of land and borders. And yet, no one really owned it in the beginning of times. Mankind come out of this realm and just started grabbing everything and claiming ownership. A pity, really, knowing we will all leave it behind and the death always triumphs in the end. Tsk.

      • “Ladies fingers”, are small bananas. Australian bananas taste great, all NZ bananas are imported. I don’t understand why we don’t get Australian bananas.Apparently Australians aren’t allowed to grow a banana tree they are only allowed to grow “Ladies fingers” Completely irrational to me.!

          • Once I was in Sydney Australia, I ate their bananas and thought they were better than the bananas that are sold in New Zealand. Yet, the Australians don’t export their bananas to New Zealand.

            Then a friend of mine lived in Australia,, learnt that most people were not allowed to grow a banana tree, but small bananas that tree which is called “Ladies fingers”.You are only allowed to grow banana trees in Australia if you have a banana plantation

          • Depending on what state you live in here, the same holds true. Although it is a bit harder to do. You can squat on property, live on it without owning it, even on others property. The land owners can have a hard time evicting them. Also If you find property that the taxes are behind in, you can squat, pay the taxes and after an amount of time, I think it is about five years in most states, and that land becomes yours.

          • There is one tribe, who generally can not see an empty land, even when they come as new migrants in a metropolitan city like Jakarta. They will occupy and master it, without any permit. If landowners know too late, they will not be willing to leave, they will say, “Man has nothing, and this land belongs to God, so I can also use this empty land!”. Not that it can not be resolved legally, but settling through legal channels is not something that does not cost, especially in Jakarta.


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