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365 Photo Challenge – Day 37: Furry Friends – Part 3

“The family that sleep together, stay together…”

Of course, I made that up — still, perhaps that is true basing it from proximity theory. For the last several days, I have been featuring one by one some photos from my South Korea travel. However, I used up already all the articles I saved in my draft folder here in Virily. Totally, I have no idea where I could get the next photo for my 365 Photo Challenge.

Yet, as many wise people say, life provides…it does, even with ideas, lol.

So, today, on my way down to my work room after I had coffee with the three witches, I chanced upon these three cozy creatures.

These are Tigger, Janine and one of their kittens of whose name I didn’t know because it is my cousin who baptized them. Janine is a nice mom — she always looks after her family. And we noticed that they separate themselves from the rest of the cats. Hmmm. Being independent maybe? Trying to make life on their own? Who knows really? Cats do not talk. They meow.

I went down few stairs so I can capture them in a frame but without getting too close lest they all run away. The kitten is absolutely deep in sleep but Janine noticed me and stared —

Then she dismissed me. I clicked another shot and this time it is Tigger who looked up — maybe thinking: “Damn hooman, cannot she see we are sleeping?”

Well, I only need few shots just to have some for the challenge. And off I went to my day job.

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    • Back in the times we traveled with the kids with little money, the narrowness of the bed and sleeping together were never a problem hahaha my two nephews now are so happy everytime they get to sleep in a bed by themselves — because there was a time they slept on the floor being the guys in the family — but guess what, those are the most memorable trips we always talked about

      • Uuhhh… that’s so true! Back to all our past, where all the difficulties and challenges that have passed are always the most beautiful memories. The media jargon applies a bit here, “Good news is no news!”. I remember once climbing the top of the highest mountain in Central Java with a team of eight people with only one baggage tent that would not even fit for one person to sleep in straight! So all the heads meet in one spot and the rest points to the eight directions.

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