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Relaxing Saturday ~ Day 227

My two cats, The Dude and Brendel definitely know how to relax. As do most cats. Another hot day on this last day of June. They both decided to go out to the screen room and chill. Brendel is always above the Dude. She reminds him she is in charge. He just goes along with the flow. He sleeps on his back the majority of the time. So funny to watch. 

They didn’t stay long. I had the ceiling fan on high and they had water bowls. Now they are both inside with the air conditioning. The life of a cat. Pretty good in my opinion at least at my house. Enjoy your weekend.


365 Photos Challenge Day 227


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Written by Carol DM


    • He is so entertaining. And she disses both of us a lot, keeping her back to us. But she gets her time with me without him and loves it. I carry her around the house and she enjoys looking down at him following us around. The things we do for our babies.