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365 Photo Challenge – Day 35: Furry Friends – Part 2

I am continuing with my article about the furry friends I found in South Korea. Today, for my Day-35 in 365 Photo Challenge, I am featuring the Zen Masters I met in Gamcheon Culture Village.

We have cats at home but they are of regular size. The cats I saw in Gamcheon were fat like Garfield. Lol. They are bigger than our Pomeranian Teacup, Mozzi. That was the reason why I thought they were interesting enough for camera shots.

I accidentally read this quote from TheChive in the internet:

“Of all God’s creatures, there is only one that cannot be made slave of the leash. That ONE is the CAT. If a man could be crossed with the cat, it would improve the man; but it would deteriorate the cat.”

Ouch! Harsh. Nonetheless, there is truth to that. Cats are meditative animals who do not care whatever his/her human master (or in reality, slave) does — for as long as they get fed (or get a neck massage like my friend, Fred, does to Cleo the cat and oh, he does shopping for her! Uhm, so I am not sure who is the master between them as he does not own Cleo either). If we don’t feed them, they can always hunt for food. Independent freaks. Put them on a leash? You must be kidding. Ever heard what they say about people who love dogs and people who love cats? Lol! I am a cross between a dog and a cat (well, I am a Leo born under the Chinese zodiac of Dog, bleh). I love freedom too much but, at the same time, I like knowing where I stand.

Going back, the first we saw was this white cat. She is just a queennnnn! See her majestic poise there? She did not care even if I was damn too close to her. She just sits there – as if we did not exist. Damn.

Next we met Tigger (just a name we gave because of the color). My niece, Kim (I call her Mik too), petted him and Tigger just lie down and let her. He did not think: “Oh, I should not talk to strangers.” Lol. Maybe he thought we were among his countless slaves, who knows?

This third one we found in someone’s store. The cat does not belong to her according to the store owner. She told us that she feeds her every day and so at certain time, the cat would show up at her doorstep.

The Korean lady is not a cat, of course, but I took a photo of her  (along with my niece there) because she amused me. She asked from what country we came from. When we told her Philippines, she said: “Oh, I had been there. Your country is very hot. Hot.” (That while fanning her face with her hand.) In retort, we told her: “And now we are here. Your country is very cold. Cold. Brrrrr.” (That while we were hugging our own selves just to illustrate in exaggerated way the coldness – heck, it was cooooooooold that day.)

On our way back, we met this guy — grouchy one. He was in no mood for camera and kept averting his face. I looked like a fool meowing there just to get his attention. Lol.

And I chanced upon a group of 5, maybe 6, cats who must probably be having gossip about the latest happenings in Gamcheon. When I came near, some of them run away and hide and left these three.

And since I cannot get enough of furry creatures, I also bothered this bunny — but this one was in Nami Island.

These fellas are inside the Panda World too — so it is not really Panda World because there are few species of monkeys there.

Sorry for the quality of my photo. I cannot help but admire him. Gosh! He is BIG (a Husky) and so when he looked at me, I did not dare step any closer (it will only take him one leap to tackle me as I was standing few steps away). This was near a temple in Busan.

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