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Our Christmas Sandman

What do you do if you don’t have snow for Christmas? You go to the beach while the Turkey is baking and make a sand snowman! It was around 75 degrees on Christmas this year. My two sons, daughter in law and grandson headed to the beach after opening presents.

Here is our day in pictures. This is where the sand snowman will go. Seagull approved!

Some of the photos are taken by my daughter in law, some are taken by me. Most of the photos were from her, as I was getting too sandy to take photos. lol

Here we are starting the base of the snowman, this is my oldest son and myself.

The main ingredient is add water!

And start sculpting, I love playing in the sand. lol

The shape is starting to form.

My youngest son and grandson carried a lot of water then set out to play in the water.

The seagulls were eyeing my carrot…

The water is 72 degrees.. Warm enough.

After you get used to it that is.

Beach fun!

Happy Christmas day!

The joy of watching your grandchild play in the water is tops! I kept glancing up from sandman building and watched my daughter in law take shots of my grandson playing. It is so nice having someone else take pictures as well. I got to have fun building a sandman.

Here is the finished product.

I thought he was cute, which required a group photo!

And a few more..

As soon as we finished our photo session, others were waiting for their picture with our sandman!

We left our sandman for others to enjoy, until the tide comes in to wash him away.

Our other sand man!

I hope you had a great day as well. : )

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    • Funny you should say that Fifi. We think alike. I had a bow I put on him after the pictures, I had forgotten it. The people that came to take pics after us got the best ones. We had a turkey in the oven, and it took longer than I expected, so we got this much done and had to get back quick. Yes I wanted to do a scarf, and sticks for arms but trying to put a stick in after created a disaster, and we had to leave them off. I have seen people sculpt the arms in laying over the stomach. Next year we will plan for more time weather permitting.

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