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Nature Thursday

I found this old cactus skeleton. It looked like it had a face screaming at the end so I snapped. 

I havent and wont be as active this week, I have quit smoking, this is day 3. I am feeling better but it’s very hard. Just wanted to give you all a heads up. More quizzes and hikes coming soon.

Have a great day. 


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Written by Kim_Johnson


  1. I am already wondering why I haven’t seen your post in the feed and so I looked up your name so I can find one of yours.

    That cactus skeleton reminded me of a large sea cucumber. And happy to know you decided to quit smoking. I hope you succeed. Did you do it gradually? Or was it a sudden all stop? It would be hard but I pray you will carry on.

    • This was one of my main triggers, the computer and coffee in the mornings. I decided to take a break. I am back now though, but I am still having really bad cravings. On the first of the year, I started Chantix, and picked a one month quit date on the 22. My last cigarette was on the 22 at midnight. The Chantix helped, it takes away the endorphins that make you feel good after a cigarette, they start tasting bad on the second day. You still go through withdrawals though. I completely changed up my routine, and do deep breathing when they get really strong. Thank you on your well wishes.

      • Did I tell you our business is pharmacy but I am not a fan of taking any pill except vitamins when I am sick or travelling? ? Yeah. Contradicting. But, in my mind, any pill I take will cure one illness then create another. Besides, the kidney will have to filter more chemicals for that.

        Anyway, if, along the way, it feels tough, consider slow reduction instead of outright stop. Unless of course there is health issue that requires you to stop abruptly. Withdrawal, I guess, isn’t that easy. Still, take heart and do your best. If for some reason, you don’t succeed the first time, try again the 2nd time. Take care.

        • I did not know that. I do agree with you on taking pills, I don’t have to take any so far. I am almost done with the Chantix. It has been so hard to remember to take them.
          I know slip ups can happen, but I am afraid if I smoke one it’ll all be over. I would probably start again. I can’t let this happen. It is still a struggle several times a day, but the urges aren’t as long or strong now. Thank you so much! 🙂

  2. I am so proud of you for quitting smoking. You can do it! There are too many alien chemicals in those things. And messy. Just think of all the money you will be saving!

    • Thank you Albert, I thought it was funny. Yes, I have quit smoking. I feel so much better already. We can still be friends lol. I havent given up everything! The hikes will be longer now!