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Last Monday

Was my last day of a 43 year old habit of smoking. It has now been one week. These are some pictures of that day. One last hike as a smoker. 

#3 Penny

was using this dry creek bed as a race track, running back and forth. lol She was so cute. 

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#4 Luna and Penny

I gave Penny a trim the other day. 

    • People don’t like change, I hadnt been able to give her a haircut. Moms request, she liked her natural looking. It was just gettting too much though, she looked homeless. I just did it without consent. So glad she liked it. Whew.


#5 Lily, Luna and Penny

There was something about this dry creek bed. I guess they liked the feel of the cool sand on their feet. 

    • We were on the hillside, and when they took longer down there than we thought was normal we went to investigate what was so interesting. It was this dry bed. lol


#6 If Lily had a butt cam?

I set the camera on her butt and clicked. Wide load?

#7 Gnarly

I love old gnarly trees. 

#8 Golden Mushrooms

Its hard to show on photos, but these are shiny gold. 

#9 It was time

To head back to my son's house. 

#10 It was a great day.

We have five happy dogs now. 

I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to quit smoking during this hike. Skip one week ahead and I have done it. 

I have missed Virily. I hope you have a great day! 

    • It might be time to try again. I used chantix, and a vape with no nicotine. The vape works with the chantix as long as there is no nicotine. With Chantix, you start taking the pills a month before you quit. The pills block your nicotine receptors and cigarettes arent able to make you feel good when you smoke. Then they start to taste really bad. Add a vape with no nicotine and that takes care of the mental addiction. It has worked so far Albert, but has been tough still.

      • I understand it must be difficult, but I’m sure you can. In the past, it wasn’t difficult for me to stop at that time, and 6 months wasn’t bad, right? but with many friends who smoke around, especially the offer of mild cigarettes, I finally smoked again.



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Written by Kim_Johnson


  1. Think about the hikes you will takes as a non-smoker, and how much clearer everything will be. Proud of you too my friend. I would throw-up like water almost every time I tool a puff,. I said ‘this is not enjoyable any more, so if you are going to quit, quit now’, and I did. I haven’t smoke for over 20 years. I am glad!

  2. You must learn from me, Kim. I don’t usually smoke at least for at least 2 hours. However, I support your determination and effort. I will influence the city council to make a regulation that prohibits all shops around you from selling cigarettes.

  3. You have been missed. I cannot tell you how proud of you I am. Never smoked so I can’t say I know how you feel, but from what I have heard, you should be proud.

    • Awe, thank you! And thanks for being proud of me. I have to admit, at times I have wondered if it is all worth it. I still havent had a single puff since the 22nd. Lucky you never smoked, what a dumb thing to do. Thank you again for your support.

    • Thanks a bunch Doc! It is tough, and this one of my hardest times. The computer time in the mornings. I have done it, so far so good… Will do, and thank you again.