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LaJenna'a Birthday

Today is my birthday, and, I pray for many more years to come. I am planning on exercising this afternoon before my husband Ray comes home from work. He will be taking me out to eat at a place called ‘The Opera House.’ I have eaten there before, and it has been great. Then, after that I wish I could relax, but I have to go to work. Ray is taking me, and hopefully I can catch a great sunset.

Tomorrow, Stacy is coming home for a visit. Sunday my mom is having me a belated birthday meal, which includes, Barbecued pork steak, and German potato salad, and of course a birthday cake.

Yes, Alex I will tell mom to save you a piece lol.


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  1. Happy birthday Jenna.
    Have a special weekend that filters into the rest of your year.
    Every 365 days is a revolution,
    And after each great moment the best is always yet to come.
    In the morning when the sun rises,
    the birds will remind you as they send their praises way up yonder.
    You’ve got ‘Rays’ of love
    cos every sunset is a golden time come rain or shine.
    And when the winter comes,
    Let it snow,
    Let it flow,
    Let your love fly free,
    Let it glow.
    Best wishes…

  2. Happy Birthday to my dear friend. Enjoy your day. You deserve to do something just for you today. Make it special. Make some memories. Celebrate this day on which you were born my dear sweet friend.

  3. There is every place in the calendar for your day – you know, by the end, the man that he was born then. And on this day he will go to congratulate the world, then, in the hours, the blues will be gathered together and in the number of years the quiet candles will burn.

    Happy to be the day when everyone was born and took a thirst with thirst. Happy is this hour when you when I when someone is born. With our children, the world is renewed every time, for this young world is young. For our friends let us lift heavy cups and take a sip of wine. Let us forget, live, be healthy, and live a hundred years


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