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Citroën is a French car manufacturer founded in 1919 by André Citroën. The Citroën logo consists of two inverted spikes or inverted spikelets and are inspired by an invention of André, referring to a gear with V-shaped teeth, which were mounted on high performance models of Citroën, and which outstrips performance Flat tooth gears.

Citroën is the only automobile manufacturer to have won three different official championships of the International Automobile Federation: Rally raid; In the World Rally Championship “WRC”; And in the World Touring Car Championship “WTCC”. Citroën is also the automaker that has won the most championship titles in the world: 15 world champion titles in 15 participations. Citroën won 5 times the World Raid Rally Championship; 8 times the World Rally Championship “WRC”; And twice the World Touring Car Championship “WTCC”.


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  1. interesting. i am not familiar with these foreign cars everyone is posting on here, in which many celebrities and other very rich people own and drive. no one I know drives these cars. i rarely see these cars on the streets in america.

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