Wander project pictures I never wanted to be shared…

Today’s blog brought to you by overconfidence and my daughter. My daughter was not the one who was overconfident, playing the role of exceptional kayaker Steve Terrific (my apologies to Peter, Paul, and Mary) is me. Playing the role of me, taking lots of pictures, is my daughter. One of the issues we have with the scanning and storage of 100,000 plus pictures is that some of the folders are mislabeled. That mislabeling causes issues when you are writing a family history post and except x, and get y.

To promote flood control, there were some retention ponds in our neighborhood. We lived on the back one of the front three for the neighborhood. The water was not by any stretch clean. The mud was pretty deep, at least a foot of muck, and of course, in the past months, I have posted pictures of beavers, turtles, and geese. All of those animals leave parts of their diet in the pond as well. Making the muck, even nastier.

You can see from the pictures that the initial (and maiden) voyage of our new Kayak went smoothly. I was able to wander around the retention pond that was the majority of our backyard. I got to wander close to where the old Beaver’s home was, the beaver had left several years before when hit by a car on the other end of the first pond in the series. I wandered over to the retention wall that several houses had to prevent erosion. Then overconfidence struck. I figured landing a Kayak was just like landing a canoe.


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