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Recently I posted about the iPhone 8 plus and the iWatch Series 3. The thing that is the most valuable about the two of them is how well they are integrated. My wife, who is not a big techie, has the Series 2 iWatch and the iPhone 7 plus. She loves both of them. One of the things she is looking forward to is being able to play her favorite audible books through the car speakers as she wandered around Montgomery County Maryland for work. The integration of cellular devices and cars continues to improve every year. I remember when you have to have an adapter for the car and one for the phone to share the car speakers with your phone.

When you control hardware and software, there are some interesting things you can do. The two devices work exceptionally well together. The new Series 3 has a couple of significant improvements when it comes to notifications. Because it has a slightly faster processor than the Series 2, you can have more animations in the notifications. My favorite remains the notifications sent by the Automatic car management tool. It tells me (via my watch) when the Van has started and stops driving. When you have young drivers (my sons are in their first year of driving on their own) and first-year college students, it is always good to know they are safe!

There are some applications I use all the time that allow integration with the iWatch as well. Including high and low tide warnings. I like getting those on my watch! You can use the Control4 home application to manage your house right from your watch (or your iPhone). I haven’t used any of the games yet that allows you to use the watch as a gaming device, and I suspect I probably never will. I do like, however, being able to have Mickey Mouse, Minny Mouse, and Toy Story watch faces.

The combination continues to allow you to interact with Siri on either device and to answer and initial phone calls from your watch. If your phone is in your pocket, you can quickly engage with your watch for that. You also get the integration of seeing who is calling on the watch. It makes the number of times you take your phone out of your pocket (or out of the holster in my case) significantly less over the course of the day.

Overall I am very impressed with the integration and quality of both products. I was an early backer of the Pebble Smart Watches; I see the value in having a watch that can do more than tell time. I am going to try the new watch GPS chip this weekend on the boat, one of the value propositions of electronics is always having backups!


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