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the horrors of a strand based hair engine

so now I have a pretty solid grasp on how fur works, but one major bottleneck remains- once I generate the hair, it won’t stay in alignment with the base object when moved. I’ve tried so many ways but all of them fail, time to ask for help…

#1 raw

no hair yet, but it still looks okay

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#2 color grading

tried to cool the piece off some, still too sharp if you ask me

7 points

#3 kryptonite

nice glow effect, possibly too warm

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  1. Yes that shadow of those three strings. I know very little of what you are up to here and yet bold enough to come to your post. You said something about being bold somewhere. Right?🐱

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#4 soho

this one has the most going on

6 points

What do you think?

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  1. So each strand would have to attach? Ouch. If the end result doesn’t have motion then the strands would have to come last or be redone? They sure work though – looks great.
    I think some software should have a “vaseline lens” feature – raw is good or kryptonite (warmth or flush from cold?)

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