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Grace – A 3D Fractal

This is one of the more complex Fractals I’ve created. There are four formulas in this one.

This Piece was created with Mandelbulb 3D software, the program is a Free download. I don’t normally apply color maps to these when they are so intricate. I find that adding color draws the viewers away from the beauty of the natural structure itself.

These are 3D structures that you can navigate around and even into with the camera mode in the program. Its very difficult sometimes to find a Stopping point that you want to render.

There has always been and still is a ongoing debate in the Fractal Community whether a Fractal should be Symmetrical or not. I do both asymmetrical and symmetrical.

Thanks for taking a look.


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Written by woodywood143


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    • Thank you, its not really Talent its having time to experiment and refine your techniques. If you were sitting here next to me I could teach you by hands on, what took me three years to learn, probably in under an hour.

  1. To me this one could be sci-fi, streampunk, or industrial. Maybe a combo of all.
    Great fractal.
    As for teh symmetrical argument, nature offers the best fractals and they are not always symmetrical. That is where I lay my hat on that matter!

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