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Eight Eyes And Blind

Eight Eyes And Blind is a composite image created using a JWildfire fractal flame image which I created and adding these cool little Spiders...

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Neon Vegetables

Neon Vegetables is an Original Fractal Art piece created by using JWildfire Fractal Flame editor. You can create your own fractal art by downloading the Free...

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Adorned With Gold

Original Fractal Art created by me. I created this fractal art in JWildfire, a free fractal editor for creating fractal flames, the type of fractal...

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The Trapped Eagle

The Trapped Eagle is a Fractal Art creation layered with a photo of an eagle which is being caged by the fractal surrounding. With mixed media,...

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Blueberry Yogurt – Kaleidoscopic Fractal Art Blueberry Yogurt - Kaleidoscopic Fractal Art is a combination of Fractal Flame art and kaleidoscopic manipulation of the fractal image. Recorded on an Android tablet...

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