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Mind Games

This is a Piece of Art that was created by with a Free software program Called Mandelbulb3d. This program has been in development for...

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Stacked up Bulbs

Another 3D fractal I made using Mandelbulb3d software on my PC.

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Hungry Shark

This is a 3D model render with the Pencil Sketch Technique using Bryce Pro 7. Thanks for taking a look.

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Tomb Of The Birdman

Hello everyone, thanks for stopping by and having a look at my Artwork. This is a 3D Fractal I created with MB3D software.

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Floating Away

This is  a 3D Fractal I created with MB3D software on my PC. Thanks for taking a look at my Artwork.

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Mind Games

Stacked up Bulbs

Hungry Shark

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