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Anchored Off the Coast Of West Palm Beach

Art by Dennis Davis -- "Anchored Off the Coast Of West Palm Beach" (2017) -- Digital oil painting, Photo-manipulation. The Inter-coastal waters of South Florida...

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A View From Our Window

The following photographs were taken from our apartment in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Florida has great sunrises and sunsets, especially during the rainy season...

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Kinesis Art

Art by Dennis Davis -- "Kinesis Art" (2017) -- Digital, AI Neural Art, Created from imagination and kinesis art technique. From Ancient Greek κίνησις (kínēsis,...

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Art by Dennis Davis -- "Compliance" (2017) -- Abstract, Digital, AI Neural Art, Created from imagination. "...the act of conforming..." -- Some critics might say...

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The Path to Everlasting Memories

Art by Dennis Davis -- "The Path to Everlasting Memories" (2017) -- Digital, AI Neural Art, Photo-manipulation. What will you find at the end of...

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