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Rescued from Death Row

I rescued two cats from what I call death row. The first one was Brendel. She had been on the streets all of her 3 years of life when I got her. She has a breathing problem caused chronic bronchitis. I have been told she will not live a long life. I will treasure the moments I have with her and spoil her every day.

The second cat I rescued, a couple of years after Brendel was my first black cat called the Dude. He was days away from being euthanized. Black cats are the hardest to adopt. He is like a leopard. His coat is very shiny and I brush him several times a week. He talks to the birds and respects Brendel as the queen of the castle. He is a lot bigger than Brendel but she is the boss!

I hope if any of you are looking for a pet to please remember the homeless animals in the shelters. There are so many needing loving homes they sometimes offer free adoption. Some of the best companions are in the shelters. If I could I would give them all a home. Brendel and the Dude have a good home. They enjoy watching the birds from inside and the screen room and playing with their toys. But especially sleeping. That is what cats do about 14-16 hours out of the day.

You can see from this photo taken in the screen room my two cats have bonded. The paw touch says it all. I have learned a lot from my cats. They relax and seem to have no cares at all. Brendel’s health is concerning but I am glad I was able to find her and give her a forever home. I also love dogs and have had many in the past but for now I have only two cats. I enjoy each day I have with both of them. Even with the Dude’s snoring (ha!) it is great entertainment being a part of their lives.

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Written by Carol DM


  1. Bless you. I rescued special needs, (slated for death), dogs most of my years. The challenges can be many. The benefits, more than plenty. A warm feeling envelops me knowing these beings found out that Humans,…are not all bad. Ear scratches, whisker rubs and tuna. Grin. >-=^;>

  2. They are beautiful cats, thank you for sharing their story. Also, thank you for rescuing a black cat, I still miss my Salem who was a black cat as well. These are loving cats that just happen to have a stigma placed on them that is false.

  3. That’s a great post. If I got animals it would be from rescued animals or a stray cat or dog that turned up with no owner. My budgie Louis, is from Bird Rescue, he got taken by them because his previous owner had 2 budgies in a cage that fought all the time. He was very angry when I took him and was 2 years old, now he’s 10 and a very happy bird. He comes with us for outings and holidays but can’t if we go overseas ( as it’s against the law) so I find someone who loves birds to mind him.

  4. Awwww! What a lovely blog and photos. I am so glad you have rescue cats. I always encourage people to do that too: get rescue animals, if they are looking for pets. I hope Brendel is with you for a good while to come. Sounds like both she and Dude have a very happy home with you. 🙂

  5. I love my cats, Cindy was the only one rescued persay, Heaven’s Mother was born behind our dresser and then she had Heaven and his brothers, they are a mix of Russian Bleu and Maine Coon and found homes but I knew from the start I would keep Heaven. Willow’s Mother was Ferrell too but as soon as Willow was old enough we brought her in because of the Racoons her Mother we tried to bring in but unfortunately she wouldn’t let us, she does allow us to feed her and pet her now though Lol! Willow had kittens which were spoken for before they were an hour old. My cats are all spoiled Lol!