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Seeing a Pet Lying Dead in the Street

First, let me just say how sorry I am for bringing on such images to all of you pet owners such as myself.  However,...

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The Evernote APP

This is a great program that I just found out about. My sister discovered this program last week and told me about it so...

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Worried Right Now

I haven't been around Virily too much lately I have had a whole lot that I have been dealing with in my personal life....

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Take the Land Before Time Quiz

The Land Before Time is an animated motion picture put out but Don Bluth Studios which was produced by Steven Spielberg and George Lucas....

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Designing Adult Coloring Book: Symmetry and Balance

In this installment about designing an adult coloring book, I want to tackle the subject that has been annoying to me to a certain...

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Seeing a Pet Lying Dead in the Street

The Evernote APP

Worried Right Now

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