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Millions of Spider Babies!

Well maybe not millions, but probably thousands of babies.

I know this all sounds daunting to some of you. But I found this garden spider sac on my fence. Inside there could be thousands of baby garden spiders. Once the female lays the eggs in the summer, she dies. Sad. But that is how it goes with nature. The babies (spiderlings) hatch in the fall but remain in this brown paper sac over the winter, finally leaving in the spring.

Another fun fact. Females are about four times as big as male adult spiders.

I found this so interesting when I first read about it. So many things people do not take a second look at. The wonders of nature are endless. B the way, garden spiders (the bright black and yellow ones) are very beneficial to your garden. They are good to have around as they eat insects of all types. And they will not harm you.



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Written by Carol DM

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  1. Spiders are my best defense against the voracious critters that would turn a garden into premature compost. I actually accommodate these welcome neighbors by leaving weeds and grass, (to a degree).
    While not exactly amiable, some do allow us to work with them.
    I’ve a “pet”? woodspider in the woodshed, quite large, she makes it clear, I’m only tolerated,.. and I’m grateful! Grin.

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