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Cats Are Marvelous, Lovable, Adorable, Awesome Creatures

Do you agree that cats are marvelous, loving, adorable, awesome creatures?

Intelligent, playful, social, friendly, sweet, good-natured, docile, placid, quiet, homely, devoted, affectionate, elegant cats.

Let’s take a look at these four fictitious characters based on real life situations

Nadia Nadine owns a female Maine Coon. Her cat is intelligent, playful, very social, friendly, sweet, and good-natured. She is her “gentle giant”.

Octavia Odette owns a female Norwegian Forest. She has a remarkable athletic ability: she is an exceptionally agile jumper. She has a bright emerald green eyes.

Page Pamela owns a female Persian. Her cat is a great companion: docile, placid, quiet, homely, devoted, affectionate, elegant, social.

Rachel Ramona owns a female Siamese. She has a great need for human companionship and has a trusting nature. She enjoys just spending quiet time with her: an ideal indoor companion. She has a beautiful coat and big brilliant blue eyes.

All these cats are marvelous, lovable, adorable, awesome creatures.

Are you a cat lover?

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  1. Our elderly Siamese (just turned 16) is utterly charming but mad as a box of frogs! He has recently taken to sleeping behind my desk as I work, occasionally waking up and insisting on sitting on my knee and washing my hands as I type. He’s doing it now!

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