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Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

We have a small yard but I love fresh vegetables.  Six weeks ago, I planted my raised bed vegetable garden and I enjoy checking it daily. It’s only 8′ square, hubby made it about 6 years ago with landscape timbers and added garden soil. Every year I look forward to early spring to get the planting done. This is a picture when it was three weeks into growing. I have summer squash, eggplant, green and red peppers, yellow and green beans and cucumbers. I also planted seeds I saved from Acorn squash I prepared last winter.

Within a few weeks the plants were growing steady and already had blossoms!  Last week I picked our first green pepper and made a stuffed pepper for hubby.

Look how much the plants have grown in five weeks, I have the cucumber plants trailing on the lawn to give them for space. There are tons of baby summer squash and cucumbers plus the beans are starting to grow longer.  The acorn squash are a winter squash so they will take a bit longer although there are tiny squash on the vines.

While there are many blossoms on the eggplants, I haven’t seen a baby eggplant yet. Hopefully one will appear soon.  I love fresh vegetables and even though my garden is small, it produces quite a bit of delicious vegetables. I like to freeze the peppers and squash to have through out the winter. I’m hoping to have a good crop of beans and freeze them also. Gardening is not only fun, it’s a way to save money and you know it’s fresh!


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