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The Garden Grows Despite the Gardener

The garden has grown much on its own this year. The ritual of buying plants and tending to weeds has gotten beyond me this spring. The frogfruit has taken over every bit of open space as Metalmark butterflies fly to each crystal-like bloom.

I’ve watched the black and dutchman pipe butterflies laying eggs on the host plants and the caterpillars of since devoured most of the plants as was their purpose. The cannas are blooming for the first time and the bird of paradise which I originally thought was a pride of barbados has finally bloomed.

I like the isolation of the subjects. I watch as the sun going down catches the last bit of light and shadows in the garden. Even now the anoles are racing up and down the vines of morning glories and passion vine. This garden has become what it is on its own this year and wildlife is abundant.

I am a wildlife and nature writer, photographer and artist. The garden is a work of its own and it shows my lack of discipline at time and often the chaos of disorganization. Beautifully nature shows itself and the creativity is the light and colors of the blooms. We as artists, writers, poets can learn much from nature.


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Written by stevelinebaugh

Oil painter and pastel artist, writer, photographer, graphic designer,
originally from New Jersey


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  1. I totally agree! If you have such a garden, you are in Paradise! I have a smaller garden, a mix of vegetables and wildflowers and it’s so rich in natural magic that it’s hard to find proper words for it. Beautiful flowers you have! Enjoy them fully and I look forward for more recounts of your joyful moments.

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