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Can You Find the Birds?

I like puzzles and searching for hidden objects. I hope you do, too, because in this post I have photographed a bird with excellent camouflage. I found it while walking through my neighborhood. I was really photographing the birch trees when I noticed this bird.

Can you find it? It’s in plain sight, but it’s hiding. I almost didn’t see this bird myself. I would not have, had it not been moving before it landed. It blends right in with the coloring of this birch tree.

It’s a bit easier to find in this second photo. And if you look carefully you may even find a second bird who is barely visible. It’s hiding in the tree.

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  1. Great photo shoot and great puzzle. I saw the bird in the first picture and the second picture along with the tail end of the second bird. Wow maybe my eyesight is getting better rather than worse.