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Alphabet Birds ~ Swallow

Moving along to the letter S on my Alphabet Birds Series.


Swallows are beautiful birds. I see them every now and then. None so far this year. Not sure why.

There are seven native types of swallows found in North America. Swallows are common throughout the continent. The Barn Swallow, Bank Swallow, Cliff Swallow and Tree Swallow can be seen from the Atlantic coast to the Pacific coast and into northern Canada and Alaska.

Tree Swallows (as in the photo above) breed in open habitats such as fields and wetlands, usually adjacent to water. They nest in artificial nest boxes as well as tree cavities. Foraging flocks are frequently seen over wetlands, water, and agricultural fields.

Swallows are streamlined small songbirds with long, pointed wings and a short, squared or slightly notched tail. Their bills are very short and flat.

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Written by Carol DM


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      • I think it takes a lot of patience. A National Geographic photographer, Thomas Peschak, During 2017’s Hurricane Harvey, took a photograph of a shark swimming down a flooded street in Houston which he posted on Twitter. It was such an incredible shot, it was retweeted thousands of times. Around that time, Peschak received an email with the words, “Guess who’s back?”

        Peschak knows that exact great white shark well as he had photographed it 15 years earlier, as it followed a scientist Trey Snow in a bright yellow kayak off South Africa. Ever since then, people have been photoshopping the shark into their pictures to make fake scary scenes.

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