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The Chipping Sparrow

Found another bird nest in my backyard. This bird is called a Chipping Sparrow. I am not a huge fan of sparrows. They run off the bluebirds. But this bird is different than the house sparrows. And such cool markings around her face. She is sitting in the shadows, on a nest full of eggs in one of my cypress trees.

In spring and summer, you can listen for the male’s long, loud trill, then look for the male in the upper branches of a nearby tree. I had to be very quick to snap this photo and get away from her. Did not want her to abandon the nest. And did not want the male to dive bomb my head. πŸ™‚

Interesting to learn how the many bird species build their nests. They are all a little different. According to the site I visit often, All About Birds….

  • Chipping Sparrows typically build their nests low in a shrub or tree, but every once in a while they get creative. People have found their nests among hanging strands of chili peppers, on an old-fashioned mower inside a tool shed, and on a hanging basket filled with moss.
  • The nest of the Chipping Sparrow is of such flimsy construction that light can be seen through it. It probably provides little insulation for the eggs and young.

The little babies will be doing well if they survive. Hopefully the parents will make sure they do, once they leave the nest. So cool to learn about yet another bird species.


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