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Alphabet Birds ~ URAL OWL

Almost done with this Alphabet Birds series. Hard to believe I am only down to five letters.

Guess what, I found a bird for the U post today..


Never seen one of these beauties. So many species of owls. The Ural Owl is a large owl with a round head, no ear-tufts, and a long tail with a wedge shaped tip. Light and dark morphs are known to occur, with the light form being more common.

This may explain why I have not seen one of these owls. They reside here:

Northern Europe from Norway, Sweden, Finland and the Baltic Republics through northern Russia and Siberia to Korea, coast of the Okhotsk Sea, Sakhalin and Japan. Also locally in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Balkan countries.

Wish I could take credit for this beautiful photo. Wow, right!

  • What about you, have you seen a Ural Owl before? Do tell please.

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    • No


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Written by Carol DM


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