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365 Day Photo Challenge: Day 32 Birds in the Backyard

I’ve always loved anything having to do with nature. From the first view of a Great Blue Heron in Northern Jersey to the downy woodpecker and nuthatch that made homes out of holes in the old willow tree in my yard, I’ve always been fascinated with birds.

I feed them suet, 4 different kinds of seeds and for the bluejays unsalted, raw peanuts. They’ve gotten comfortable enough to ¬†feed while I’m pretty close to them. I use no pesticides in my yard and every plant I have has a purpose either for birds or butterflies.

I kept journals of all the different interesting things I found in nature and it has helped me to see details which relates to the details in my paintings. I am in the process of creating multiple paintings of birds I’ve seen in the backyard, the number of species is over 40 and counting.


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Written by stevelinebaugh

Oil painter and pastel artist, writer, photographer, graphic designer,
originally from New Jersey


  1. I just found your post! I love your bird photos. I take photos from my deck but nothing like this. Actually with the cold temperatures I have been staying inside and shooting from behind the glass doors. I did not know there was a bird challenge. I will have to fit this one in!

    • My birds also eat better than I do! Just filled up the suet feeder, the deck feeder with sunflower seeds and of course the unsalted while peanuts for the blue jays! The challenge has been keeping the bird bath de-iced! I will have to invest in a heated bird bath.

      • I love how you feed them and they show. I can walk out into the yard and they know I’m feeding them-at least they act like it-they watch me walking and keep their distance but they know i’m the one that feeds them-today I had a few woodpeckers too.