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Taking you to the Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry is in our daily life, be it sugar, water, vinegar, or whatever.     Even for a good relationship it is said there should be good chemistry between the two. Here are some simple questions on items you come across in your daily life. Good Luck

Sorry guys.  There were errors in this post which have now been rectified. Please do give it another try  Thanks

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    What is the melting point of wax

    • 40 degrees centigrade
    • 80.5 degrees centigrade
    • 37 degrees centigrade
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    Which chemical can dissolve gold

    • aqua regia
    • sulphuric acid
    • Nitric Acid
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    What is the formula of sulfuric acid

    • H2so4
    • H2so3
    • H2s02
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    What gas is used for floating balloons

    • helium
    • air
    • oxygen
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    What is the formula of water

    • H3W
    • W2S
    • H2O
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    What is the chemical name for laughing gas

    • Nitrous oxide
    • Nitrogen
    • Potassium Nitrate
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    What is that fizz in soda?

    • Gas
    • baking soda
    • Carbon dioxide
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    Lemon is packed with acid What acid is that?

    • vinegar
    • Hydrochloric acid
    • Citric acid


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  1. Nice quiz, Grace! I got 5 out of 8. Let me just mention a couple of things that struck me:
    1) Wax is a broad term which includes many different substances with different melting points. The best known animal wax is beeswax with a melting point above 60 degrees C.
    2) The term ‘chemical’ is normally used only for elements or compounds – not mixtures such as aqua regia.

    • I have shown the picture of the kind of wax I am talking about

      And as far as aqua regia is concerned when they talk about its
      Chemical formula being ‎: ‎HNO3+3 HCl it could also be called a chemical.

  2. I applaud your patience in getting your quiz corrected. The software used by Virily for creating quizzes (and some other types of post) is appalling and leads to all sorts of problems. I am currently trying to write a quiz and getting absolutely nowhere with it!

  3. You can create another one instead of waiting for the editor to send your published post into draft. The waiting can be indefinite. Create another one based on this quiz. It will get published. But the title should be different.

      • On this, you have to wait for an answer from Admin. When you do the quizzes it just takes patience and time. I always go slow and at the very end before I submit I recheck all the questions and answers to be sure everything is correct. Make sure your category is Trivia quiz.

        • They normally moderate our posts. Don’t they? I forgot to use the answers feature I think and also in some the third option is missing.

          Have you done quizzes Where do you go to set the answers. It must be there and I may have skipped doing it You are right It takes a lot of patience to do quizzes but I enjoyed that experience.

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