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Quiz – Letting the cats out of the bag

One can never get tired of cats.  They are a great source of joy to have as companions. They have endearing ways that one can just not ignore.

Our cats however this particular lot do not like us to touch them but everything else that they do does provide us the kind of entertainments that cats are famous for.

The breed that we have is known as Cats.  That’s it.  Little did I know there are countless breeds spread all over the world.  I learnt about it while doing this quiz.

Hope you too will learn something and those cat experts here will love doing this quiz.

Good Luck

  • Question of

    This seems a common breed

    • Country cat
    • House cat
    • Domestic long haired cat
  • Question of

    This cat is a favourite of many

    • Persian cat
    • Siamese Cat
    • British Short haired cat
  • Question of

    Most cat lovers opt for this cat

    • Persian cat
    • Indoors Cat
    • Home Cat
  • Question of

    Prefers cold to hot weather

    • Alaskan Cat
    • Himalayan Cat
    • Canadian Cat
  • Question of

    The picture clearly shows what it is

    • Russian Blue
    • English Short Hair
    • British Short Hair
  • Question of

    Quite a cuddly feline

    • English Doll
    • Rag Doll
    • Celebrity Doll
  • Question of

    It has the name of a country

    • Belgian Blue Cat
    • Russian Blue Cat
    • Swediish Blue Cat
  • Question of

    Reminds you of something that grows in your garden

    • Cornish Rex
    • Maize Rex
    • Radish Rex


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