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Half a hundred shades of Scandinavian: a quiz (part 5)

This is the final part of quiz, which is a kind of review of various interesting facts related to the Nordic countries (also see the 1-st partthe 2-nd partthe 3-rd part & the 4 part in case you missed them). Hope very much you will carefully study my picture hints that will help you in solving the quiz. Wish you to find as many of your own shades of Scandinavian as possible!

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  • Question of

    The main reminds of the Middle Ages in Scandinavia are _________________________.

    • ancient fortresses and castles
    • ancient technologies
    • ancient clothes
    • ancient food
  • Question of

    The festivals of __________________________________ are very popular in Northern Europe.

    • xerox art
    • street and urban art
    • monochrome art
    • space art
  • Question of

    All Scandinavian countries are recognized world champions in drinking ________________________________.

    • tea
    • milk
    • coffee
    • juice
  • Question of

    _____________________________________ are one of the most popular tourist attractions in the Nordic countries.

    • plane excursions
    • train excursions
    • bus excursions
    • water excursions
  • Question of

    Finnish Lapland is famous for its ___________________________________ farms.

    • lynx
    • husky
    • polar bear
    • Arctic fox
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    Rest in cottages in Northern Europe is the best suited to all fans of _____________________________________________.

    • silence & relaxation in nature
    • beach tropical vacation
    • luxury vacation
    • night life
  • Question of

    ___________________ is not a luxury, but a means of transportation and food for the Sami and other Northern peoples.

    • roe
    • moose
    • deer
    • husky
  • Question of

    Edvard Munch, Akseli Gallen-Kallela, John Bauer, Michael Ancher are the names of famous Scandinavian _____________________________________________.

    • musicians
    • poets
    • dancers
    • artists
  • Question of

    Being in Scandinavia in the summer season, it is best to sunbathe on the__________________ of Gotland, Lofoten, North Jutland.

    • beaches
    • mountains
    • geysers
    • rivers
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    ___________________ are another characteristic shade of Scandinavian.

    • water hotels
    • ice hotels
    • sand hotels
    • grass hotels


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