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Half a hundred shades of Scandinavian: a quiz (part 1)

Wish to discover something more about Scandinavia? So this quiz is for you, because it’s devoted to a diverse palette of shades of the Nordic countries. Like a magic crystal, Scandinavia turns to everybody with one of its special, unique faces. Hope that my quiz will help you to see your personal shade in this beautiful Northern region. So, let’s start the part 1.

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  • Question of

    Wild world of the Nordic countries __________________________ Animal tattoos are very popular there.

    • just a paradise for lovers of flora and fauna
    • good & interesting
    • normal
    • isn’t outstanding
  • Question of

    UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Scandinavia (+ Finland & Iceland) includes __________________________.

    • less than 35 objects
    • more than 35 objects
    • for about 25 objects
    • less than 25 objects
  • Question of

    One of the Scandinavian film breaks – The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011 film) won The Academy Award for __________________________.

    • Best Actor
    • Best Actress
    • Best Film Editing
    • Best Foreign Language Film
  • Question of

    Today the living world of the Arctic needs __________________________.

    • conservation
    • popularization
    • freezing
    • protection
  • Question of

    Scandinavian business climate is __________________________ not only for promoted brands, but also for startups.

    • favorable
    • good
    • normal
    • worst
  • Question of

    The beauty of Norwegian fjords is _________________________.

    • impossible to describe in words
    • good
    • normal
    • overestimated
  • Question of

    Scandinavian weather is _________________________. One of the most common proverbs says: “If you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes.”

    • super
    • good
    • not bad
    • unpredictable
  • Question of

    Education is the Nordic countries can be ________________________, but always most ________________________.

    • extreme, advanced
    • extreme, good
    • extreme, normal
    • extreme, confusing
  • Question of

    When is the first year the full moon, all fans of unusual music will come to ________________________.

    • Beer Festival
    • Ice Music Festival
    • Fjord Festival
    • Jazz Festival
  • Question of

    The Faroe & The Åland archipelagos are________________________.

    • pearls of Scandinavian nature
    • good
    • normal
    • overestimated


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