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Half a hundred shades of Scandinavian: a quiz (part 2)

If you liked the 1-st part of my quiz, I suggest you to continue the exploration of the Nordic countries. Another shades of Scandinavian & maybe some new information & something unique only for you! So, let’s turn to the part 2.

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  • Question of

    “The Kalevala”, “The Prose Edda”/“The Younger Edda”, “The Poetic Edda” / “The Elder Edda”, “Gesta Danorum”/ “Deeds of the Danes” are __________________________.

    • great literary works of Scandinavian antiquity
    • popular Scandinavian fairytales
    • popular Scandinavian fantasy
    • some strange stories
  • Question of

    The Gulf of Finland, The Guld of Bothnia, The Archipelago Sea, Dogger Bank & the famous Norwegian fjords can be considered as “sights” of __________________________.

    • the Baltic Sea and the Wadden Sea
    • the Baltic and the North seas
    • the North Sea and the Wadden Sea
    • the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea
  • Question of

    Pepperkaker/peppakakor/brunkager/piparkökur/piparkakut is __________________________.

    • cactus species
    • some sort of drinks
    • one of the main Christmas yammies
    • cat breed
  • Question of

    Angry Birds game was created by Rovio Entertainment based in __________________________.

    • Helsinki
    • Turku
    • Tampere
    • Espoo
  • Question of

    The famous Swedish chocolate of Gothenburg firm Kanold can be ordered in the form of so-called __________________________.

    • chocolate telegram
    • chocolate letter
    • chocolate postcard
    • chocolate postal stamp
  • Question of

    Norwegian bridges surprise everyone with __________________________.

    • trolls
    • unusual and practical architectural solutions
    • fjords
    • inconvenience
  • Question of

    Scandinavian Botanical gardens are __________________________.

    • real oases in Northern cities
    • nice territories
    • strange places
    • something ugly
  • Question of

    __________________________are popular in all Nordic countries.

    • scarification
    • tattoos and piercing
    • tongue splitting
    • injectable fillers
  • Question of

    __________________________ are waiting for you in Norway and Iceland.

    • whales, elephants and lobsters
    • whales, puffins and lions
    • whales, puffins and lobsters
    • whales, elephants and lions
  • Question of

    __________________________ is performed with specially designed walking poles similar to ski poles.

    • Nordic jogging
    • Nordic backpacking
    • Nordic hiking
    • Nordic walking


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