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Half a hundred shades of Scandinavian: a quiz (part 3)

Let me offer to your attention the next part of my quiz (also see the 1-st part & the 2-nd part in case you aren’t familiar with them). Thus, we continue to know some curious facts about the Nordic countries and get exclusive shades of Scandinavian. So, get ready for the part 3. Hope that my photo hints will help you to achieve excellent results. Good luck and catch positive moments!

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  • The cities of Northern Europe = _____________________________________________.

    • unique combination of the Middle Ages and modernity
    • super modernity
    • something strange
    • the Middle Ages everywhere
  • _____________________________________________ is one of the best diving spots in Norway.

    • The Svalbard Archipelago
    • The Lofoten Archipelago
    • The island of Radøy
    • The island of Hitra
  • The Moomins are ____________________ fairytale characters.

    • Finnish
    • Swedish
    • Norwegian
    • Danish
  • _____________________________ is one of the favorite dishes of Norwegian Vikings descendants.

    • Hákarl/fermented shark/rotten shark
    • Gravlax/raw salmon, cured in salt, sugar and dill
    • Smalahove/smoked sheep’s head
    • Ålandspannkaka/Åland pancake
  • The Bergen Railway = _____________________________________________.

    • good railway route
    • usual railway route
    • strange railway route
    • the most picturesque railway route
  • Sápmi/Lapland stretches over four countries: __________________________________ and Russia.

    • Norway, Sweden, Finland
    • Norway, Sweden, Iceland
    • Norway, Sweden, Denmark
    • Norway, Denmark, Iceland
  • In terms of treatment and recovery, the Nordic countries are __________________________________.

    • very acceptable
    • out of competition
    • quite good
    • normal
  • Scandinavia is rich in __________________________________.

    • original weddings
    • original weekdays
    • original festivals and holidays
    • original ceremonies
  • ____________________ lakes are real gems of nature.

    • Finnish
    • Swedish
    • Norwegian
    • Danish
  • Liseberg (Gothenburg, Sweden) ___________________________________________.

    • is one of the most visited amusement parks in Scandinavia
    • is quite popular amusement park
    • is good amusement park
    • is one of the less visited amusement parks in Scandinavia

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