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Scandinavian and Baltic wedding traditions quiz

They say that in the countries with a Nordic climate people are not too romantic or don’t love very magnificent weddings. This quiz is a real chance to know is this true or not. Anyway, I hope that it will help you to smile and relax!

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    In the old days happy Norwegian couples often go to their wedding on:

    • coaches
    • trams
    • boats
    • foot
  • Question of

    Some Aland farmers like to get married in very picturesque:

    • houses
    • churches
    • costumes
    • landscapes
  • Question of

    Happy Lithuanian newly married may themselves play ___________ at their wedding:

    • chess
    • golf
    • music
    • hide and seek
  • Question of

    The most romantically minded Danes arrange their marriage celebrations:

    • in ancient castles
    • at sea cost
    • in organ halls
    • on the North sea islands
  • Question of

    Swedish word förlovning means:

    • wedding
    • engagement
    • consent to the marriage
    • rejection of the marriage
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    What season in Finland is traditionally very rich for weddings?

    • spring
    • summer
    • autumn
    • winter
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    Quite often the couples from this country spend for about 3-4 years between engagement and marriage. What country do I mean?

    • Latvia
    • Iceland
    • Denmark
    • Finland
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    Where should happy Norwegian newly married go if they want to get the support of their ancestors?

    • to the banks of the nearest fjord
    • to the mountains
    • to the ancient burial mounds and stone circles
    • to the ancestors’ land holdings


What do you think?

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    • Thank you very much for taking part in this quiz! I’m sure that your knowledge of your country traditions is great, because the tradition mentioned here is not so obligatory for Lithuanian newly married (they may play music themselves, but they don’t do it at every marriage). As for me, I also don’t know all wedding traditions of my country, because there are too many of them and it’s not even possible to remember them all.

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