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Half a hundred shades of Scandinavian: a quiz (part 4)

This is the next part of my quiz devoted to different shades of life in Scandinavia specter (also see the 1-st part, the 2-nd part & the 3-rd part in case you haven’t read them). If you want to find your own unique shade of Scandinavian, it’s time to do it. So, let’s turn to the part 4. Strongly believe that my picture hints will help you to become the winners. Good luck and my sincerest wishes!

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  • If you stop at a hotel/motel/other accomodation in the Nordic countries, in most cases you can count on_____________________________________________.

    • peace and quiet
    • light noise
    • noise
    • terrible noise
  • Year after year, the Scandinavian countries confidently occupy the first lines of various international ___________________.

    • newspapers
    • web-sites
    • magazines
    • rankings and indexes
  • There are the largest European ___________________ in Iceland, Norway and Greenland.

    • waterfalls
    • mountains
    • glaciers
    • rivers
  • Ingman Ice Cream, Pingviini, Diplom-IS As are the popular brands of Scandinavian ___________________.

    • cheese
    • tea
    • ice cream
    • coffee
  • The most part of Scandinavian designers necessarily take into account the _____________________________________________.

    • convenience, functionality & luxury
    • convenience, functionality & eco-component
    • convenience, functionality & prestige
    • convenience, functionality & glamour
  • There are a lot of very interesting ___________________ in Scandinavia.

    • museums
    • archives
    • collections
    • accumulations
  • Scandinavian cities are constantly compete for the title of _____________________________________________.

    • The European Eco-Capital
    • The European Green Capital
    • The European Clean Capital
    • The European Pure Capital
  • There are fjords not only in Norway. You can also see them in _____________________________________________.

    • Iceland, Greenland, Denmark, Sweden
    • Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Sweden
    • Greenland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland
    • Iceland, Greenland, Finland, Sweden
  • In Northern Europe you will hear ___________________ of any genre – from jazz to electronics, from rock to pop, from classics to…

    • music
    • poetry
    • sings
    • noise
  • ___________________ of Haukadalurv alley are famous all over the world.

    • waterfalls
    • mountains
    • geysers
    • rivers

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