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Longyearbyen: four-legged visitors and other features: a quiz

Longyearbyen/The Longyear Town is located in the west of the Norwegian part of the Svalbard  archipelago on the bank of Adventfjorden. The town was founded by American engineer and entrepreneur John Munro Longyear (laid the coal mine there) in 1907.

Weather conditions = Arctic climate + influence of the North Atlantic Current; total population (1st half year 2019) = 2 258. Another curious facts: Longyearbyen is a demilitarized zone and is not part of the European Economic Area nor the Schengen Area like the rest of Norway.

Longyearbyen is one of the mandatory points of the program of many tours to the Arctic,  although most tourism is generated based on natural experiences rather than visiting the town itself. However, Longyearbyen does provide supplies, accommodation and several museums.

So, let’s learn more about its specifics! Hope that my hints will help you!

  • Question of

    The University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) located in Longyearbyen is ____________________________________ educational institution in the world.

    • the northernmost
    • the southernmost
    • the westernmost
    • the easternmost
  • Question of

    The first classes of every UNIS student begin with a learning how to use a hunting rifle because of huge number of ____________________________________in the area.

    • polar foxes
    • polar bears
    • polar wolfs
    • polar reindeers
  • Question of

    Longyearbyen is also famous for ____________________________________ or “doomsday seed vault”.

    • the Svalbard Global Food Vault
    • the Svalbard Global Nutrition Vault
    • the Svalbard Global Seed Vault
    • the Svalbard Global Water Vault
  • Question of

    ____________________________________is located in 3 km northwest of Longyearbyen.

    • Svalbard Central Station
    • Svalbard Bus Terminal
    • Svalbard Harbour
    • Svalbard Airport
  • Question of

    Svalbard Bryggeri at 78° North, Longyearbyen, is ____________________________________ commercial brewery in the world.

    • the northernmost
    • the southernmost
    • the westernmost
    • the easternmost
  • Question of

    There are no options for burial there in Longyearbyen because of ____________________________________.

    • bad weather conditions
    • permafrost
    • remoteness
    • polar night
  • Question of

    One of the examples of Longyearbyen unique laws is ____________________________________.

    • a ban of dogs
    • a ban of hamsters
    • a ban of cats
    • a ban of fish
  • Question of

    ____________________________________ are the most popular mode of local transport and there are more ____________________________________ than residents.

    • snowmobiles
    • cars
    • buses
    • trams


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