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A trip to the hospitable Greenland: a quiz

“Suddenly a whole new world of land and sea rises

to meet me as I cross the ridge.

Greenland! oh god, how beautiful the world can be.”

Rockwell Kent

If you are a brave traveler and are not afraid of cold weather, welcome to Greenland. It is attractive for its curious natural features, colorful local population and diverse Northern extreme!

Tourists come here from all over the world (during the year – about 20 thousand people). They are always ready to shelter cheap and very decent hotels.

Welcome to Greenland!

P.S. As always, there are some hints in the text of my tasks and pictures.

  • Question of

    Greenland is the world’s largest _____________________________.

    • island
    • continent
    • country
    • city
  • Question of

    _____________________________ is the most convenient season for a trip to the hospitable Greenland.

    • winter
    • spring
    • summer
    • autumn
  • Question of

    Greenland is an autonomous country of the _____________________________.

    • Kingdom of Sweden
    • Kingdom of Denmark
    • Kingdom of Norway
    • Kingdom of Great Britain
  • Question of

    In the summer months the season of _____________________________comes to Greenland.

    • white nights
    • orcas
    • blooming
    • dancing
  • Question of

    _____________________________ is the capital and the largest city of Greenland.

    • Ilulissat
    • Qaqortoq
    • Nuuk
    • Sisimiut
  • Question of

    _____________________________________ the main and reliable winter mode of transport and one of the most popular tourist attractions.

    • dog sled
    • horse-drawn teams
    • scooters
    • snowmobiles
  • Question of

    _____________________________ make up the majority of Greenland’s population (88-90%).

    • Saami
    • The Iñupiat
    • The Chukchi
    • The Greenlandic Inuit
  • Question of

    Suaasat (the national dish of Greenland) is a _____________________________.

    • soup
    • porridge
    • pancake
    • pizza


What do you think?

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