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Scandinavian cruise ferries: a quiz

Why are Scandinavian cruise ferries better than planes?

  • You can enjoy beautiful sea views and make really stunning photos.
  •  A lot of attractions for you and your family during sea voyages. I mean dances, music, performances and so on.
  • The maximum of bright impressions, especially for children.
  • A very good chance for you to see the picturesque skerries of the northern coast.
  •  A variety of delicious dishes for any taste. You can sample traditional Scandinavian specialties and meals of all kinds.
  • So, if you don’t need to hurry and travel by plane, let’s go to the sea journey!

From my experience traveling on Scandinavian cruise ferries I conclude that your sailing  will be great!

  • Question of

    It is always possible to make an interesting all-season _____________________ to the capitals and cities of the Nordic countries by Scandinavian cruise ferries.

    • sea voyages
    • river voyages
    • lake voyages
    • pond voyages
  • Question of

    You should take into account possible _____________________ in the countries of departure and destination:

    • hour difference
    • time difference
    • minute difference
    • second difference
  • Question of

    You can use the service of _____________________ onboard.

    • walking of pets
    • taking photos & tour booking
    • car washing
    • tattoo making
  • Question of

    Internet is available:

    • all time onboard
    • some periods of time onboard
    • very short time onboard
    • none of the above
  • Question of

    _____________________ is the traditional Scandinavian cruise ferries breakfast.

    • continental breakfast
    • fish & chips
    • Swedish buffet
    • pizzas
  • Question of

    Main attractions on board include:

    • performances of artists from around the world
    • going to the zoo
    • art exhibitions
    • surfing
  • Question of

    You can buy _____________________ in the shops onboard:

    • food & drinks, clothes, cosmetics, perfume, jewelry & souvenirs
    • pets
    • cars
    • TVs
  • Question of

    There are _____________________ on the Scandinavian ferries to enjoy a sea voyage 100%.

    • special boats
    • open decks
    • water ski
    • water scooters


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