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Scandinavian cruise ferries: a quiz

Why are Scandinavian cruise ferries better than planes?

  • You can enjoy beautiful sea views and make really stunning photos.
  •  A lot of attractions for you and your family during sea voyages. I mean dances, music, performances and so on.
  • The maximum of bright impressions, especially for children.
  • A very good chance for you to see the picturesque skerries of the northern coast.
  •  A variety of delicious dishes for any taste. You can sample traditional Scandinavian specialties and meals of all kinds.
  • So, if you don’t need to hurry and travel by plane, let’s go to the sea journey!

From my experience traveling on Scandinavian cruise ferries I conclude that your sailing  will be great!

  • Question of

    It is always possible to make an interesting all-season _____________________ to the capitals and cities of the Nordic countries by Scandinavian cruise ferries.

    • sea voyages
    • river voyages
    • lake voyages
    • pond voyages
  • Question of

    You should take into account possible _____________________ in the countries of departure and destination:

    • hour difference
    • time difference
    • minute difference
    • second difference
  • Question of

    You can use the service of _____________________ onboard.

    • walking of pets
    • taking photos & tour booking
    • car washing
    • tattoo making
  • Question of

    Internet is available:

    • all time onboard
    • some periods of time onboard
    • very short time onboard
    • none of the above
  • Question of

    _____________________ is the traditional Scandinavian cruise ferries breakfast.

    • continental breakfast
    • fish & chips
    • Swedish buffet
    • pizzas
  • Question of

    Main attractions on board include:

    • performances of artists from around the world
    • going to the zoo
    • art exhibitions
    • surfing
  • Question of

    You can buy _____________________ in the shops onboard:

    • food & drinks, clothes, cosmetics, perfume, jewelry & souvenirs
    • pets
    • cars
    • TVs
  • Question of

    There are _____________________ on the Scandinavian ferries to enjoy a sea voyage 100%.

    • special boats
    • open decks
    • water ski
    • water scooters


What do you think?

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  1. An excellent quiz, dear Anastasia … as you know, I’ve traveled several times across Scandinavia and have been on several times ferry boats … sometimes even all night, and I’m very fond of knowing that I had 8 regular

      • People who live in the Balkans, unfortunately, do not have the money for most of these trips. I can allow myself a holiday in Greece, at the beginning, and at the end of the holiday season, but for such a boat, I do not have enough money. But, I’m glad if someone can afford such a nice trip.

          • The average salary of workers in the Balkans is about 250 euros. If a husband and wife work in the family, they have about 500 euros together. For this money they have to pay bills, buy food, sometimes clothes and shoes, and educate children. Of course, when they get sick, you have to buy a medicine, or go to a wedding, a birthday party. I do not think they even think about a cruiser.For these reasons, our children from the Balkans massively leave their countries and move to the west.Our natality is decreasing, and on the other hand, they are trying to bring us migrants from the East, which nobody wants here. But the world powers have destroyed us, and now they are playing with us. That is why it is most important to have your independence, and not allow others to order in your home.

        • Answering to your last comment, I should say that this very sad situation is also familiar to our country. Maybe, these trips are more available for young people from your country who move to the west. Me & my family met & communicated with such people during our cruise ferries trips.


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