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Find The Fake Added Detail

Do you enjoy art? Each of these famous paintings have had a fake detail added to them. They have been added in the same style as the original paintings, but don’t belong to them. Can you choose the correct answer and identify what doesn’t belong in these paintings?

  • Question of


    • The slippers
    • The glass pitcher with water
    • The towel
  • Question of


    • The painting on the wall
    • The floor lamp
    • The dog
  • Question of


    • The buttons
    • The ships
    • Two passersby
  • Question of


    • The seagull
    • The baby
    • The clouds
  • Question of


    • The man on the red horse in the background
    • The white horse
    • The saddle on the red horse in the front
  • Question of


    • The raven on the tree
    • The clock on the tree
    • The cliff
  • Question of


    • The cup of tea
    • The yellow ribbon hair tie
    • The flowers on the red skirt
  • Question of


    • The red house
    • The collar on the dress
    • The smoke coming from the chimney
  • Question of


    • The bottle
    • The hat on the man in the white shirt
    • The glass of wine
  • Question of


    • The carpet bag
    • The white handkerchief
    • The derby hat on the man dancing


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Written by Gina23


    • I always get confused when Americans talk about museums, because they don’t seem to distinguish museums from art galleries, as we do in the UK. Hence London has the British Museum but the National Gallery, with the former concentrating on objects and the latter on art. On the other hand, the Victoria and Albert Museum has both!

  1. You got 6 out of 10 right!

    You are good! But you can do better. How about visiting a museum?

    I didn’t know any of these paintings well but it was great fun guessing. Yours quizzes are always amazing. Gina

  2. Oh, I only got 4 right πŸ™ I ‘knew’ most of those works, but obviously I didn’t know them very well πŸ™‚
    May I ask how you got the picture to appear in the results?