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Where have you been?

Where have you been my warmest sun? Your brightest rays I have missed. The wonderful smiles that you bring For every trees, flowers and crops among the...

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Close my eyes Breath deeply I should have known Realize deeply I should have try Cover lies Its your choice Starlight upon myself Long time ago Hold me not Ambition desireable Put my name on...

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Life? Its about life, in my life I love you all forever All my life, I love you all Someday I will be gone Leaving this world This moments of...

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Open the door

Don't you give up? Telling beautiful life Word is nothing All you can do just feel it You got a lot of bill and you got a lot...

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it sound like you

We escape from the past Spoken was and when I do what i expected This came with surprised I found you died alone A long time You never lost control Your...

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Where have you been?

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