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Do you have Attention Deficit Disorder?

ADHD means Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder.   Kids who are diagnosed with this disorder are usually hyperactive.   As adults,  we don’t have this hypearctivity anymore instead it is associated with our being restlessness and fidgety sometimes.   Adults having this issue may encounter problems at work and relationship.   The trouble at work may arise when the employee with this disorder will  go to work late or may not be able to meet deadlines constantly. In a relationship, the adults with ADD are often frantic and messy which are quite annoying to some.

Anyway, do you like to find out if you are an adult with ADD?  Or just play along who knows you might find this interesting.

Disclaimer:  If you suspect that you are adult with ADD and you feel you need this to be addressed to you can always consult specialist with this disorder to help you out.

Thanks for playiing and if you want to share your thoughts or the result of this please write on the comment section.

Have fun.

  • Question of

    Forgetfulness: Do you forget things all the time? Things such as keys, pens, eyeglasses etch.

    • Yes, I am forgetful all the time
    • I seldom forget things
    • Sometimes I forget things
  • Question of

    Frantic: These people can’t leave the house without checking the windows, gas, faucet and doors several times.

    • Yes, I have to check several times before I go.
    • No, I am sure that I did all the checking already before I go out of door.
    • Sometimes I have to go back to make sure.
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    Fidgety: These are people who are always moving and can’t sit/stand still. For example, rocking body, moving legs, fingers or hands.

    • Yes, I can’t sit still without moving my legs.
    • No, I am fine once settled
    • Sometimes, I have a tendency to move around.
  • Question of

    Confused: Some people have difficulty understanding instructions. They found instructions a bit confusing.

    • Yes, I have difficulty following a manual.
    • No, I have no problem in this area.
    • Sometimes
  • Question of

    Finish work: People dealing with ADD have difficulty managing time that sometimes end up with not meeting the deadline or sometimes cramming to finish it.

    • Yes, I can’t finish my work on time.
    • No, I know when to start and finish the task.
    • Sometimes, I don’t know why.
  • Question of

    Concentrate: Having difficulty to concentrate on a task. Most often times daydreaming.

    • Yes, I think of something else.
    • No, I know exactly what to do.
    • Sometimes, I daydream a lot
  • Question of

    Remember Information: People who have difficulty to remember given information.

    • Yes, I can’t remember what was told after a few minutes.
    • No, I can give the exact details.
    • Sometimes, I don’t know what to say.
  • Question of

    Organization: People who have ADD have organization problem. Bags, tables, rooms or closet are messy. Usually, they also have writing problems

    • Yes, my bag is a mess.
    • No, I always clear my table before leaving
    • Sometimes, I do have problems organizing stuff.
  • Question of

    Punctuality: People who have ADD are usually late.

    • Yes, I lost track of the time
    • No, I am always punctual to my appointments and work.
    • Sometimes, I am late but most of the time I am on time.


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