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Capital Cities of Different Countries – Quiz No. 3

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There are 195 countries in the world as on June 2019. It is difficult to know the names of all the 195 countries, leave alone remembering the capital city of each country. I will restrict this quiz to countries with a population of less than 100 million. This is by no means an easy quiz. Any score above 2 should be considered an acceptable score. I am creating a quiz after a long gap and I hope you will enjoy it as well. We would straddle across every continent except Antartica. I know of no sovereign country that exists in Antartica. Enjoy the quiz and score well.

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    Name the capital city of Kenya.

    • Asmara
    • Banjul
    • Nairobi
    • Accra
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    Name the capital city of Uganda.

    • Kampala
    • Imphal
    • Castries
    • Apia
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    Let us move over to Americas from African continent. What is the capital of Venezuela?

    • Georgetown
    • Port Moresby
    • Bridgetown
    • Caracas
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    How many of you know that Uruguay was the first country to win the FIFA world cup? Btw, what is the capital city of Uruguay.

    • Montevideo
    • Saint John’s
    • Honiara
    • Valletta
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    Now, let us move over to Europe. Name the capital city of Austria.

    • Vienna
    • Venice
    • Bern
    • Madrid
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    One question on Australian continent. Name the capital city of Fiji.

    • Port Moresby
    • Majuro
    • Suva
    • Funafuti
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    Let us end the quiz with Asia. What is the capital of Bhutan?

    • Kathmandu
    • Dhaka
    • Jakarta
    • Thimphu
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    Here is the final one. Name the capital city of South Korea.

    • Pyongyang
    • Seoul
    • Damascus
    • Kabul


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