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When the Universe Speaks

Being lazy to drive, I went using an online taxi service to work. Shortly after I got into the vehicle, I saw a book placed on the car console. Oh, I know that book. An old book called “When the Universe Speaks”, a local book written by Balinese, I Wayan Mustika. Inevitably, we discussed the contents of the book along the way. For me, people who are willing to read, to understand, and discuss such material are people who are open-minded and not bound by the dogma of their own religious teachings. Here are a few excerpts from the book.


Who am I? I am your sister. I’m your brother too. I’m your wife and husband at the same time. I’m your grandfather and grandmother. I am your big child, because you dwell in the womb of your small heart. I am also a stunted parent because you often ignore and think that it is so small that it never even existed. I am a friend you hate when I do not help you and enemies that you love especially when I fulfill all your interests.

I am the dark you avoid or the light you seek. I am the heaven you dream of and the hell you avoid. I am the angel you worship and the devil you hate. I am the one you always call in suffering and then you forget in happiness. I am the one you are chasing in front of you then you leave far behind. I am the tears that flow from the tears of happiness and tears of your suffering.

I am all the duality you have ever known, but I myself am between the two. I am a space that never moves and time that never rolls. I am the eternity of what you see as immortality.

I am what you call by various names and names of your idols. But then you fight with your neighbor just because of the different names you created for me, who are actually just one.

I am very close to you but often you call as if I were so far from you, in an infinite place. I am what you seek with your limited mind, until you understand that I am an unlimited mind. I am what you are trying to hug with your small body which is actually being held in my fist.

  • I’m sure you know who is meant by “I” there, right?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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  1. God himself is talking. He’s making Himself known that He’s the great creator of the universe and He’s Omnipresent and Omniscient. We should be grateful for Him. He’s caring for us. He does love us. I am so thankful that I know Him, believe Him and have faith in Him.

  2. Yes, the word God has many meanings, I think sometimes people use that name to do evil things to others.
    I am who I am…I may call the universe.
    I don’t have all the answers but used to be trapped by others peoples rules, I realised I could never serve them all and had to in the end do my best to what I thought was right.

    Very good and deep insight Albert….I wonder if people get caught up in what people think of as being perfect rather than dealing with life as it is?

    • The people in my country are generally very religious, however, many people have been partitioned into various sects. I myself have withdrawn from all that partition rooms. However I try not to harm anyone from any religious group, and that is not easy to remember because many people are fanatical, though sorry, rather hypocritical in some sense. Many people get angry when they think that their religion is understood incorrectly, or they feel their worship is disturbed, but they don’t want to be scolded if they are caught stealing or corruption or else.

      Funny, they unite religion, perfect thought with everyday life but at the same time separating it.

      • I applaud anyone who makes an effort to do good, religious or not. That is certainly better than the out right destruction of drunken parties around some places in New Zealand. I am talking about drugs, alcohol, fights and murder or theft or damage to property. I used to have a person living near me who hurt quite a lot of people and had no intention of changing their behaviour even though just about everyone wanted to help that person.

        Now this person is gone, people hide if their face is seen.

  3. Everything is beautifully written, it’s just not clear to me, dear friend …. you know I’m not faithful and maybe that’s why I don’t understand anything completely … I say rightly …. I know you will understand me

  4. To each their own. I understand ‘I’ to be God who manifests in different forms as explained in that book.

    We often say when someone comes to our rescue that in reality it was God who was there in that form. Just a thought.

  5. “But there is only one “I”, and it is me. All other “I’s” are just dots on my “I”, replies God.

    “I often think that, but if oneness, is oneness, there is not even an “I” with a dot out there, only a capital “I”, ” I replied.

    “Yes, the “i’s” do not have what the “I’s” have until they remove their dot, and trying to make their dot on my “I”, said God.

          • Blame usually directs us ourwards, and acceptance allows us the inner sight inwards.

            At times, both outward and inward sight are needed, but in the end, the eye of “I” is neither inward nor outward.

            It is just what it is, “I am who I am”, said God to Moses, and it is the same with us too. “We is who we is,” as popeye the sailor man used to say.

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