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What you do and how you do it matters more than what you post.

It matters to me, who I am.  I don’t bend the rules to my advantage. Rules are very important to me. I also say the same things here on Virily in my blogs, that I say in public forums. I don’t believe in being two-faced. I do at times offend people, and for that, I am always sorry. It is never my intent to offend, but I do point out the blurring of the rules and the reality of negative posting on forums. The reality of who I am is I care. I started blogging many years ago. I have moved my blogs five times. Ultimately, I have kept my WordPress blog more as a long term backup. The same is true for my Pinterest account. I post my blogs there to backup them up. That, backing up comes from the failure of a couple of blogging sites over the years.

I’ve been a loyal reader for some people over the years. Loyalty means two things, the first; I promote their blogs. The second I read their blogs. I find it frustrating and, I know it is my issue when people comment in a way that shows they don’t read the original post. One of the reasons I started tracking influencers on Virily was the issue of negativity on the Virily Facebook group. In particular some people in that group. I understand frustrations. I just wish people would tell the whole story. “The dashboard is down.” Was the big chant a month ago. The dashboard was never down. One part of the dashboard didn’t update.

  1. Gues Virils: A hard problem to solve the reality you get guest viral per guest view now. There was a time when I would get 200 or more per day but that time is gone. I understand how hard this particular problem is to solve. When you Tweet, post to Facebook and so on, the site has to mark that you did that and for the next oh say billion years has to remember that the person coming to the site did so because of your tweet. Hard to measure and slows the performance of the reads and the writers.
  2. The dashboard is down – I am going to downvote and report the next person that posts this. Seriously the easy answer is the dashboard has never been down, part of it, an important part was down, but the dashboard was working other than the one tab. Be honest, be fair and stop misleading people.
  3. If you have ev3er been paid by Virily, you owe the admin team the benefit of the doubt. They built a google ad system that allows us to get paid.
  4. If you read my post and comment, I will respond. If you comment but don’t read, you’re a Viril chaser, and I am no longer responding to Viril chasers.

I know that my tolerance for these three posting things has gone down. I also know that many issues (well more than 90%) are unique to the user. I don’t like getting Cloudflare issues. But I also know, if I get a Cloudflare issue, that is an internet and an Internet service provider issue, not a Virily issue. I understand that social login being down is frustrating.

I also understand that the site has, over the past 18 months become more stable. I also understand that the influencers on the site are important. But more important than anyone influencer is the many writers on this site.

Kudo’s to all who write, read, comment and upvote here on Virily!

  • Question of

    Be honest, do you always read the post you are commenting on?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Have you ever participated in a comment threat that has more than 20 comments in just the thread?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Are you a Viril Chaser?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Question of

    Does honesty matter?

    • Yes
    • No


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  1. Okay! you just put it all out there. I did have to stop going to the group beccause all that negativity was rubbing off on me, I don`t need all that. Virily did update the dash and they paid me so all is good. I have kept all my blogs, I have a wordpress but I hve not written there in a long time, I have several at blogspot that I am trying to keep at once per week for each.

    I need to come and visit with more of you, my virily friends, even of I am not posting any at the moment.

    I will pin all of the posts I read tonight.

  2. To be fair, I think you should differentiate between being mistaken and being dishonest. There are plenty of folks who honestly think the dashboard is broken, and to their way of thinking, it is. Just because they don’t know any better doesn’t make them dishonest…

      • Hard to give an objective answer to such a subjective question. Now it would be easier to condemn Viril chasers for dishonesty but even then if they’re just trying to generate Virils and aren’t pretending otherwise, it isn’t dishonest either…

        • Thank you, he says.

          Let’s talk about Viril chasers. Do you remember the cheating system that was used by a number of writers to go from o virils to 100000 very quickly?

          I’ve heard rumor of other backdoors that generate Virils. However, the Virils generated like the cheaters above, don’t actually bring viewers to the site.

          Virily makes money from advertising, right? You are a very impressive artist, what means more to you.

          Views of your work, comments and that work shared with as I call it the Universe?

          Someone else getting value (say you get 5 Virils for them viewing your post, and they get 3, without commenting)?

        • I suspect that is the basis of our disagreement. I get 50-100 comments a day. This one I am replying to is worth my time.

          Great……………………. is simply lazy.

          Sorry, I have been doing internet forum stuff for more than 30 years. I’ve learned that anyone lazy enough to cheat a stupid rule like 20 characters, will do a lot more.

          However, in deference to your position, I do completely understand why you feel that way.

          • Lazy, yes. Lame, certainly. Waste of your time, surely. Dishonest? Not in and of itself… You make a fair point about it being an indicator of inclination toward dishonest behavior…

        • 9 to 1 is a point of epic failure. I would agree better 1 guilty person goes free than 1 innocent person is imprisoned, but 9 guilty is too much.

          I accept the commenters who use punctuation rather than actually writing something. I ignore them and don’t reply. Everybody gets a pass, but when you start doing that 10 times, then I feel like it needs to be dealt with.

          • I only meant that even if virliy chasing is a strong indicator of dishonesty, we still reserve judgement. I never meant to say that you should let someone slide on the ellipsis trick nine times before calling them on it

            that one, I think three strikes max

  3. This is a very well-expressed post. Thank you for this explanation of how the site works. Regarding the dashboard, I don’t know about it ever being “down”, but it is very rare that it ever updates itself to reflect the current number of Virils we have earned. Correct? Whenever I go to Dashboard, my current earnings are always “Pending” – once in a blue moon do they actually show as figures! I’ve only got $1.51 virils at present, but I know I’ve earned a lot more over the past month, still constantly “Pending” though.

    • The Virils earned part of the dashboard updates at the end of the month. Usually, two days before they release the payments. I suspect the process is far too manual for them to update it more than once a month. (but please note that is a guess).

  4. I have never really been active on Facebook groups for this exact reason, so I don’t think that the Virily Facebook group is an exception. I understand all your points very well, but if admins don’t care enough to explain the things the way you do, and people who complain about the site don’t care enough to stop using it, you try not to give so much attention to the negativity and don’t let it spoil your mood. I wish you a happy weekend!

    • You know what Ellie, you are right. I need to just let go. Thank you for reminding me to focus on the things that I need to focus on.

      I want to replace Google + for everyone not complain about the nasty things that sometimes happen!

  5. Yes, honesty matters to me a lot and to most I know it does.
    Virily, I see as a unique opportunity in many ways and I have learned so much from this site.
    I am also grateful for the experience of sharing my photos and writing articles.

  6. It is had to find honest people, so Viirly should be glad they have you. I am glad such writers like you exist. I try to read and comment as much as possible. I value all the writers here. This is a great community!

  7. I believe there was a time when all that matter was a viril (and I am not even sure what that is.) Yes, I do enjoy getting paid, however, relationships matter much more than money in my little world. I run little silly contests that would eat up anything I got paid and still I think it is fun and worth it. I am a technical nightmare, and I am trying to learn.

    If I have something to say I don’t care how many comments are on a post I will voice my opinion, and I rarely comment on something that is just complaining with no solutions.

    I am dumb enough to often write from my heart and that leaves me open to criticism and pain, and still I do it.

    It seems like I get to comment on about 5 of your pictures and then something goes amiss. Today I want to go back and try again. Yes I keep pounding my head against the same doors.

    Sorry, I guess I had a lot to say. My husband just came in and told me to “shhh”.

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