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Virily Create button issue – wrestling crocodiles!

First off, to everyone that is suffering from the create button issue, but that is still reading and commenting on their friend’s posts, you are a hero! You deserve a huge pat on the back! You are a part of a community, and all of us feel bad about the situation that has occurred.  I have gotten several PMs on the topic, and I know that Carol and Ghostwriter also have. As a wise man once said, we are all rowing together!

My grandfather used to say there are two ways to truly tell what kind of person someone is.

1. When things are going against them, they still help others.

2. What they do when they think no one else can see.

I applaud those of you still commenting without being able to post!

I thought today’s cover picture would help people a little understand the reality of the situation. It is hard building a site like Virily. The concent of the site is what ultimately makes Virily money. I am sure they are working to fix the issue, fewer submissions and blogs to review makes the moderator’s jobs a little better, but over time can jeopardize the income for the site.

It also tends to drive authors away.

I was going to take a couple of weeks off from the Movers project, but I am going to watch some posts until the create button issue if fully resolved. It isn’t just when the create button is back. It is when the backlog of posts that were not moderated gets out live on the site. That will take between 3-5 production days to get moving. (A production day for Virily is any day that the moderators review content and pass it onto the site). So for the next few days, I will keep a watch and see if the site dynamics change.

Thanks again to those reading and commenting, you are the heart of the community!

  • Do you watch the rank list on Virily?

    • Yes
    • No
  • i hadn’t looked in a long time (Alex asked me if I did) things have really changed right?

    • Yes
    • No
  • How fast is too fast for someone rising up the list?

    • Yes
    • No
  • Do you ignore comments that are obviously from someone that didn’t read your post?

    • Yes
    • No

What do you think?

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Written by DocAndersen

I am a long time blogger and technology poster.I focus on what is possible, but I also try to see what is coming. In recent years I have been focused on sharing the memories of my family, as part of my Family History Project.


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  1. Thanks for the updates! I don’t submit articles very often and wasn’t affected by this, I can see the button. Also, I have no new articles upcoming so no big deal except this means some people I enjoyed reading from are unable to post at the moment. 😐
    After all, I’m more of a reader than an author here.
    I hope it’ll be fixed soon.
    Yes, moderation seems to have been a big issue. Perhaps once the gates were opened to new members, the team became busier and “pickier” with articles from “unverified” members. The worst part is that the editor often forgets to tell the authors why the article was rejected or sent back to draft, making things harder.
    Oh, the rank list. I think I checked it twice including now. 😅

    • So the article rection rate is one that I’ve now heard from several authors about. I know when I first started here on Virily that i had a few articles rejected. I am in the dark about the issue, i have gotten three different views from many authors so far.

      I am sorry this issue has happened to you.

      • I mostly heard about it from other users, I think I had an article rejected with no explanation only once, I consider myself to be very lucky. I thought I was going to have a hard time with the Racism in Italy series due to the sensitivity of the topic but it wasn’t the case. It’s hard to figure out what the criteria are or tell if an article is going to make it or not. It can mess up with someone’s schedule but talking about this makes the affected authors feel less lonely. 🙂

  2. I haven’t been active for about 3 days. I had developed an infection on my finger which had swelled and was painful.
    I have checked the create button. It is working. I haven’t had a problem with it. In terms of my articles, it varies from a day to 3 days.
    The problem is that I have seen an increased rate of my articles rejected for publication. The worse thing is that I’m not informed why they rejected my articles. And, I haven’t broken the rules stated in the FAQ section.

  3. Q: Do you watch the rank list on Virily?
    Yes (6 votes) – 43%
    No (8 votes) – 57%
    Q: i hadn’t looked in a long time (Alex asked me if I did) things have really changed right?
    Yes (8 votes) – 73%
    No (3 votes) – 27%
    Q: How fast is too fast for someone rising up the list?
    Yes (3 votes) – 38%
    No (5 votes) – 63%
    Q: Do you ignore comments that are obviously from someone that didn’t read your post?
    Yes (4 votes) – 27%
    No (11 votes) – 73%

  4. A friend of mine just joined. Totally different banner on the top… I have a crappy wordpress thingy and no ‘create’ button. My friend has the basic face and a Create button and created. So tell me it isn’t personal.

          • Sorry, Doc I am beginning to look at this more and more negatively. I will make a list of all the usual authors here and you’ll see that it will be a rather long list. You among them are the selected ones that they prefer to see writing on the site and then there are those like me who are very low on the totem pole. I don’t know what it is that has offended them because I thought my presented material and quizzes were pretty good but iI guess it is that I don’t have the glitter and star status so as I already mentioned I don’t mind reading and commenting at all but you have to admit that if by Nov 1 that is all I am still doing things are not going to improve so it will all come down to the fact if I had a couple of good paying jobs by then it will probably have to be farewell. I hate doing it but this is not normal

  5. The way I see it is that there must be a “filter” like an “if” statement to blocked out a certain group from the button. But I can’t say its for what reason. Perhaps they have plans for users of specific “category” or “group” … who knows.

  6. I don’t know what to write in the comment. I am currently very disappointed or angry. I don’t know what I did wrong. I post one post a day, work about 5 hours to earn about 400 Virily (depending on how well the other members are), and now I’m penalized. I am not an expert in this field but I know that it cannot be a systemic (technical) error. In this case, I think everyone would have problems and not just a few “selected” members. That’s my opinion.

    • First, thank you for commenting! I am so sorry.

      I suspect there is not a conspiracy here, the likelihood is an error in the code for user validation. It may have created the problem. But they are trying to fix it.

      I do, however, understand your frustration. I can tell you that in the past the site has had issues, we’ve struggled and moved along but we’ve never had an issue like this.

  7. Doc, I have said it once and twice and I will say it again, RIght now I truly feel that the admin are playing with me. They do not want me here, they think my writing stinks and they want to see how far they can push me without having to say anything to my face I will be here reading and commenting but on Nov 1 I will have to make a very serious decision and one I do not want to make because I will miss everyone here and second my financial status cannot afford to lose another site but I will not stay where I am no wanted and obviously ignored by staff As you see I am very angry, hurt, and my heart is full and I have lost all faith that anything at least just for me will change and that is the reason for my deadline

    • I feel exactly as you do. I have experienced some ‘funny’ things on this site. I would get a notice my work was ‘approved’ but it wasn’t published. It was deleted or put in ‘drafts’. I had work rejected for no reason. I would submit the same article a few days later, it would be published.

      One of the Admins told me my work always had to be ‘edited’. They would say the image for Chapter 10 of an article was too small, but it was the same image from chapter 1 to 9.

      They have done everything to chase me, so now, simply take away the Create Button, so I can’t post.

      Don’t be surprised when they stop you from commenting.

      This is my first encounter with Estonians.

    • A new “error” has occurred to me. I do not receive any viril, not for viewing, not for comment. I think this error means I’m blocked. You could tell me nicely that I was blocked and why they were blocking me (what I was doing wrong). I hope so much that it’s worth it because it wasn’t just Sunday night. Until the matter is settled (I highly doubt it) I will not work. Do not say that these are technical problems. I no longer believe in these “fairy tales”.

  8. The Create button works for me all teh time, no glitches. About the rank list, it’s may unbelievable but I do not check it at all. Why? Because I do not see what it can change? I value all writers no matter their ranking. Looking at this list will not change anything in my habits here at Virily.

  9. You can praise and understand them, but I just don’t, dear friend … how I always have to be the one who has to wait …. or wait a week for a post but now they have made it impossible for me to publish a post … how always I and some more … I don’t know how many of us are … maybe 5 – 10….i feel a second-class member

  10. I guess I moved too fast; guess I should be way at the bottom of the list. So guess I won’t be allowed to post until I fall way down… after all.. how does it look for me to be 12th? Yeah, now I get why they won’t let me write any more.

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