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Ugly Truth ~ Black & White Friday

From the two days I planned to stay away from the internet, a number of things have given me a reason to take more time. This is also part of what I consider as important as part of my fasting. However, I have to apologize if I have not read and responded to your posts or have also replied to your comments in the past few days.

The reason came from a certain form of understanding and different experiences that succeeded in correcting an understanding of a belief system that fulfilled my thinking so far. This understanding is not something entirely new because basically, I have seen the body of this structure in my head for a long time, it’s just different when enough light has shown that structure in a different face. It’s like an unlearned and relearning that has a strong impact on my perspective on life.

This, too, is more or less like what has been shown in the film The Matrix released in 1999 which is very interesting for me because I see the world from different angles, even standing in a narrow gap from my previous perspective which has been different from the perspective of people in general. Once again, I have experienced something like one of the scenes when Neo met Morpheus in a dimly lit apartment in the midst of heavy rain and lightning strikes. Really dramatic.

In the film, Morpheus issued two pills namely red and blue. He offered Neo to choose one of the two pills offered. If Neo chooses a blue pill, then he will remain in the world today and believe what he sees and believes now. Whereas if Neo chooses a red pill, he will remain in the world today, but he can see the reality and truth behind the world he lives in right now. Morpheus warns once of choosing then there’s no turning back. And it turns out Neo chose the Red pill. Since that time his life has changed drastically to become full of limitations and difficulties, but he can distinguish between the real and the virtual. This virtual world is what he calls the Matrix.

Now, what is our life like now? If we meet Morpheus will we also choose the red pill? I’m sure people are rich, powerful, handsome people, beautiful people, and lucky people will think many times even if they can stay away from the pill and don’t want to hear about it at all. Because they are already in a very comfort zone.

If I am told to choose, I will like Neo who choose the red pill. Maybe it’s because I’m not “too” handsome and not rich lol. And I have indeed chosen the red pill, several times, and have done it once again, which is ready to listen and accept the ugly truth about this life and vice versa, ready to see the beauty behind the ugly truth.

  • Are you sure that life takes place as you see it?

    • Yes
    • No
  • If you are asked to choose, which pill will you take?

    • Red
    • Blue

What do you think?

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  1. Been praying for you and your family, I cope with reality, but it would be nice to know what is coming for better times to prepare for the future to be better. God is in control! Have faith in him and pray for guidance. He is with you guiding you now.

  2. I missed this dear friend … whatever happened I know that you will save you for good …. it is only important that you are alive and well and that is most pleasing to me … I was worried about you that you were not what happened

  3. I have missed you, dear Albert!

    I suspect the question i would ask you, what would lead you to make Neo’s choice. You are in the world now that has much political turmoil. Does Neo’s choice appear within you because of that turmoil or in spite of that turmoil?

  4. Taking a break from the internet due to my relatives and myself having to move from the old rental property due to a renovation was the best thing that happened to me since I did find some interesting shows on T V One network about crimes and old school comedy reruns of Sanford And Son starring the late Redd Foxx and Demond Wilson.

  5. We can only see life as it presents itself to us.
    You live in Indonesia and I in New Zealand. Both are alike but different and there are good and bad points about both places.

    You may hear one story as a judge and jury and that may be convincing until someone turns up with an entirely different perspective.

    In each world there are pluses and minuses, the rich are not as lucky as they seem, underneath the nice tidy line, they are mortal men and women like everyone else, they grow old….
    …….dont forget good fortune like being rich can be stripped away very quickly

    One day someone has a good job as a sign writer and then computers turn up and do that sign writer out of a job.

    Some person earning a good wage can suddenly become ill.

    One such person is our neighbour John, who helped me with my appointments…He told me he had a good job but he became ill and nearly died in hospital.
    Yet he said if he did not have that happen he would not be in our village and not met our wonderful neighbours who helped him so much.

    In the same way, if I had not broken my arm, I would not have found out what a kind man he was.

    If you can see, Albert the Matrix points out a negative point of view.
    Men some have evil thoughts,,,and some have good thoughts and both sides can be true…

    Does make this make sense to you?

    • Oh, dear Pamela, I really understand everything you mean in your comment. My attention to understanding duality and all the essence behind it is the reason for how I understand your perspective. It’s just that what I understand in the past few days is not about something that is shari’a but about spiritual things that I did not realize and understand beforehand. This is not about what was written in the books and taught by religious leaders, mystics, and other sages.
      Right now I’m just waiting for further guidance so that I understand the reason why I have gained an understanding that goes beyond my own life while enjoying life at present.

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