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The Sycamore Tree

The largest deciduous (meaning the leaves fall off) tree in the Eastern United States, sycamore trees can grow 75 to 100 feet tall with a similar spread, and even taller under ideal conditions. The trunk may be as much as 10 feet in diameter.

Sycamores also go by the names buttonwood or buttonball trees. This comes from the 1-inch balls that hang from the tree all winter and fall to the ground in spring.

I found this trivia interesting about sycamores in the bible… 

The significance of the sycamore tree in the Bible is that it was associated with pigs and therefore it was unclean. Zacchaeus climbed up a sycamore tree in order to get a glimpse of Jesus and was humiliated by others who saw him do it.

I was out in the yard yesterday and the sun was shining on the bark of the sycamore. It was almost like a glow to the tree. Hard to capture all the beauty of this tree. I hope this one continues to grow in my backyard.


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Written by Carol DM


  1. Interesting facts there on the Sycamore tree! I don’t have any in my yard, but I’m sure there are some in the woods. You made me think of the first school I went to named Sycamore. It was a private school in a small town in the south that had a lot of racial violence in the 60’s. Good memories there.

  2. ok first, my apologies

    I am sickamore tree pictures. (kidding)

    Dad joke, couldn’t help it!

    Great picture, they are fun trees. The bark of the light sycamore tree was used by the First people as paper!

  3. I loved that bit about the unclean tree and Zacchaeus. I love the composition of the picture, the blue skies against the white trunks and those leaves or pods hanging from the tree providing the contrast.

  4. Thanks for the info specially what it says in the Bible. I do not read the Bible.

    There is a photo stitching software that helps the photographer take photos of objects that have heights. I have just downloaded a trial version.

  5. Lado, Not sure if my last comment went through. I do not see it…

    I just read about the plane tree and it seems it is the same tree.

    Plane tree, any of the 10 species of the genus Platanus, the only genus of the family Platanaceae. These large trees are native in North America, eastern Europe, and Asia and are characterized by scaling bark; large, deciduous, usually palmately lobed leaves; and globose heads of flower and seed. The plane trees bear flowers of both sexes on the same tree but in different clusters.

  6. I think we have discussed this tree once before …. we call it a plane tree or it is very similar to it …. or its fruits grow round and on long stalks … The spots are big and very hard .. .and the trunk peels off