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The Coffee Talk…

Don’t have much to post about today and I usually don’t post such things but thought I should post something relaxing for a change, hehehe…! ;D

So today I’m answering the notifications I got… I had so many of them, some of them I already answered these days but there are still some I still haven’t managed to answer due to tracking and writing about all these changes and issues that were and are happening here all the time so I apologize for that but I’m slowly approaching to them…..! ;))

I also have to apologize, I didn’t have much time visiting your new posts because of that but I was opening them and upvoting them all so you could know I opened them just still haven’t managed to comment them too but that I will…!

You can join my Coffee Talk Challenge if you want, just post a coffee or a coffee cup photo (if you have it) or something similar (a coffeeshop photo for example or whatever reminds you on that…), put “(The) Coffee Talk” in the title beside the title of the theme you are writing about (it’s not necessary if you are posting a coffee photo too – whatever the way you feel like), and that’s it, we can all enjoy coffee then…! 😉 

I also have to make some new coffee pictures if I manage, but till then I’m posting you the best ones I got… 😉

Photo © Ta.S (tasartcraft) All Rights Reserved

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  1. Nice challenge…this one might be just up my alley although my plans were to rest and holiday more. In fact I was only gonna post new material next year but it seems like someone dear to me has other expectations.
    So there may be one or two more from me until the new year.
    Merry Christmas and a happy holiday to you and your family.

    • Thank you very much, glad you like it…! 🙂 yes, I agree… 🙂 (You know I like coffee and your coffee posts…!!! 😉 ) Hehhehe, I certainly don’t want to disturb you, you should certainly rest and holiday as much as you want, I actually should do the same since I’m spending a lot of my time here…! 🙂
      Whatever you like…., you can post now, or you can wait, it won’t go anywhere… 😉

      Ooohhhhh thank you so much, you are very kind, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and holidays to you too!!! 🙂

  2. Every writer/author is unique. I don’t put myself into the group-think tank lumping every individual into one mold or box– telling readers how and what to think. Meanwhile, I appreciate responsive, interesting authors who write different topics. And not spun up articles only titled differently, (sort of virtue-signaling).

    I have coffee photos. I just don’t know how to post them in the challenge.

    • Now I don’t understand what is the first paragraph referred to in this article…?
      But yes, I agree every author is unique nor I put myself in any groups too nor I like that… No one should dictate anyone how and what to think (unfortunately, to me, it seems some are kinda doing that here or at least it kinda looks that way too…)… I agree, I appreciate that too… 🙂 Hmmmm, not sure what/whose articles you mean by that (English is not my native …? :/

      Great. 🙂 Whatever the way you want… This just called a challenge but it’s actually an inspiration, so you can do it your own way… The point is to put the coffee photo and the Coffee Talk alone in the title or beside the name of the theme you are writing about (if it fits “the coffee talk”, talk over coffee), it can be anything…, and then write about your theme… 😉

  3. Virily now looks updates, bugs are eliminated, so I enjoy Virily today. Although, I just read one post that Virily end is nearing. Who knows, all sites end in one or another way. Still, I hope it will last longer.
    A good challenge, I may join it soon. I need to look for appropriate photos, I know I have such.

    • Heh, that is something I actually wanted to ask you about and I will comment the other things you said later… Btw, do not trust that person much, she is constantly negative about many thiings here, attacking users for different things she considers “wrong”, including me… That person who wrote about that actually always means me in her posts when she talks edited posts and the photos she mentioned, she always writes negatively about me…, and I saw you agreed with her about the same photos some authors are putting so wanted to ask you did you mean me by that too…? I do have my reasons for every photo I put and sometimes I’m putting the same photo for a certain reason…

    • Now I can answer…:
      When it comes to Virily I agree, it was fixed quickly although there are some new bugs now, but I do enjoy it too for that… I don’t believe the reasons that are named in that post will take Virily to an end (and I would not believe that person generally), if something will take it there it’s the Viril value which was low much before the editing was enabled and it had probably nothing to do with “the same pictures” and similar… Yes, who knows, one site I recently wrote about is now closing and I thought that Virily will maybe too because of the low Virily value and reduced limits but who knows… I hope that too…
      Thanks! I am very glad you like the challenge, it’s actually an inspiration… 🙂 it would be nice if you joined as well as everyone else who likes it… 🙂 I currently don’t have many photos (I wrote that in the post) so I have to make some new too but I’m currently posting the best ones I got… 😉

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